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Clash Poll: Should Trump Revoke Obama’s Old Boys’ Security Clearance?

Shouldn’t some of what they’ve done have already disqualified them from having one?

How many of these people were directly or indirectly involved in feeding the press information they had no right to share in the first place?

One Senator is concerned, among other things, about the revolving door between those who are supposedly “apolitical public servants” with top-tier security clearances and invitations by the media to rage against elected officials, and what potential conflicts that could create.

Tweets like this aren’t helping any:

Rand Paul brought his concerns about how they could abuse that information, or endanger it to the President:

President Trump is looking into revoking the security clearances of several top Obama-era intelligence and law enforcement officials, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday, accusing them of having “politicized” or “monetized” their public service.

She made the announcement at Monday’s press briefing, after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., called on the president to specifically revoke Trump critic and former CIA Director John Brennan’s clearance.

In an interview with Fox News’ “The Story” Monday night, Paul told host Martha MacCallum that Brennan “should not get anywhere within 10,000 yards of the government. He should have a restraining order.”
[…] “John Brennan leaked information that almost cost the life of a double agent. … He should have been fired for that. But he wasn’t fired by President Obama because I think he was a partisan,” Paul said. “But now he’s a talking head on the outside, saying that basically President Trump should be executed – that’s what we do for treason. And so, yeah, I’m very concerned about him having privileges because of his past history.”

Paul added that he would go “one step beyond” the White House and remove top-secret clearances from all retired CIA agents and officers “of any stripe.”

Sanders said Trump is also looking into the clearances for other former officials and Trump critics, including former FBI Director James Comey; former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe; former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former CIA Director Michael Hayden (who also worked under President George W. Bush).
Source: Fox News

Does Rand Paul have a point?

Some of Obama’s ‘Old Guard’ have been — as they call it — ‘Read Out’.

Is it time to make sure they ALL lose their clearances?

One familiar name certainly thinks so.

(Remember Kris Paronto? Hint: Think Benghazi)


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