Violent Snowflake Shoots His Granny 6x For The Most Pathetic D@mn Reason

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2018

Fighting with family is normal enough. But blowing granny away… and over something so trivial? Enjoy the prison food, you moron!

He’s being called the Trader Joe’s Gunman, because after firing six shots into his own grandmother — he fled the scene, led police on a chase, and took hostages in Trader Joe’s. One employee there was shot dead before he surrendered to police.

Now that we’ve seen that Gene Evin Atkins is a complete loser… let’s take a look at what set him off.


The first problem was that he never grew out of his childhood home. He’s been living under his grandmother’s roof since he was very young. He never left.

Atkins’s grandmother had taken him at a young age due to an apparent drug addiction his mother had, according to Egland.

His father got sent to prison when he was only 8 years old, she said.

“Whenever he got into something, she’d go to his rescue,” Egland explained. “That’s why I can’t even believe what he did to her.”
Source: NYPost

Gene was still living under his 76-year-old grandmother’s roof when he was 28. And not just him. His girlfriend was shacked up there, too. Living with him AND his grandmother.

(Some girls really know how to pick a winner. Oh, and did I mention that the girlfriend got clipped in the head by one of the bullets?)

Granny wanted the girlfriend to stop staying over, and Gene and his ‘guardian’ been arguing on and off.

What finally pushed him over the edge?

It seems she made an ‘unreasonable’ request.

A witness described it this way:

“He needs to turn some of them TVs off,” Madison said, according to Egland.

‘Some of’.

He needs to turn ‘some of‘ them TVs off.

In his grandmother’s house. So, obviously, the sane reaction is to blow somebody away after such an insult… right?

Uh… that’s supposed to be rhetorical. The answer is SUPPOSED to be ‘no’.

And to anybody other than GENE, it would have been.

But living with his aged grandmother at the age of 28? He never REALLY made the transition to adulthood, did he? Oh, he would SAY he did. But not really.

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