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Candace Owens Just Got Canned For This Bad@ss Tweet – Enjoy

It’s take-no-prisoners Chutzpah like this that has already prompted some to ask her if she’d consider running for office.

It’s a really simple integrity test you can apply to almost any idea. It’s particularly good at exposing hypocrisy. Because as soon as someone gets offended… the trap is sprung.

One of the big stories last week was how the New York Times hired a woman with a long history of saying pretty disgusting things about white people.

If you missed it, you can get pretty much up to speed with these two stories:

A Member Of The NYT’s Editorial Board Wants ‘Dumb@ss F***ing White People’ To Go Extinct

Awkward: Angry Racist NYT Editor, Sarah Jeong, Wrote Anti-Cop, Anti-Men, And… Anti-NYT Tweets?

But she was shielded from any negative consequences of her decision.

The New York Times did NOT give her the ‘Roseanne’ treatment, where a single toxic tweet can torpedo a career.

Twitter didn’t even pull the offending tweets as a violation of their TOS (Terms Of Service).

The only one to get any blowback for these tweets would be the New York Times for embracing an open racist and hiring her as an opinion writer.

Seeing the things she used to write about the NYT, including their CURRENT staff, it’s an HR nightmare waiting to happen.

With that story as a backdrop, Candace Owens tried a little test.

She tweeted this:

Notice it even has the explanation of what she was doing in the lower portion of the tweet. It requires a Liberal College Education to be dumb enough not to see what she’s doing here.

Twitter blocked her.

None of Sara Jeong’s tweets were violations of Terms Of Service. But just one day after paraphrasing one of her tweets, the account was shut down.

Was it that tweet that landed her in Twitter jail? Most likely.

Of course, there were OTHER tweets around that time that might have ‘triggered’ the Twitter Mob.

Here’s just a sampling.

No WONDER the Left hates her. She’s unwinding all of their narratives! And they can’t just dismiss her as racist or stupid, either.

She even got the last laugh when Antifa tried to disrupt her breakfast when the account was running again.

Keep telling yourselves that OUR side is the racist one, Lefties.

The left does NOT appreciate strong and articulate women the way their ‘pro woman’ platform would suggest that they do. Otherwise, they would love Melania.

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