Dear Akron: The LeBron James School’s Going To Cost YOU $8M A Year – Are You Cool With That?

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2018

For all the excitement about the school he was sponsoring, you’d think he had funded the whole project by himself.

The left is hailing him as a champion of humanitarianism.

We’re happy to give him the credit he’s due for ‘giving back to the community’. It’s a good thing.

There are plenty of gazillionaires who would find very different ways to spend their money.

But let’s not pretend that he’s carrying the whole school on his back, shall we? He’s definitely AUGMENTING their budget and making sure they have certain details covered.

But when all is said and done, this is still very much a PUBLIC school.

Which means — to put it in Obama’s words — ‘you didn’t build that’.

The taxpayers did. And, to some extent, other nearby schools will be paying a special price over it.

The NBA star was widely praised and received national media coverage for his support of at-risk children when the school officially opened last month.

He personally donated millions through his LeBron James Family Foundation, worked to secure sponsorship and will ultimately have a huge influence on the school program.

But the Akron district will actually end up paying around 75 percent of costs – $8 million – once it is fully established.

The district will hire and pay the teachers and administration and pupils will ride district buses to school.

The costs will mostly be covered by moving teachers, students and funds from other schools, according to the district.
Source: DailyMail

Here’s what the kids at the ‘I Promise’ school will be getting:

Free tuition and uniforms in a 9-5 environment. (Keep in mind, It is still a public school.) Free meals each day (x3). Bikes and helmets free. Free university tuition for graduates. Job placements for parents of children. A ‘supportive circle’ for kids to relieve stress. Open food pantry for families.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But like we said. Akron is on the hook for %75 of costs of this new project. And that money will have to be diverted from somewhere.

Human nature being what it is, it remains to be seen whether this new project will spawn gratitude, entitlement, envy, resentment or some combination of the above.

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