Dear America: ‘Social Media’ Hates InfoWars But Is OK With Antifa & Farrakhan

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2018

Why is it that Terms Of Service violations only seem to apply to people from ONE side of the political spectrum?

Alex Jones and his Infowars site was pulled off almost all social media sites on the same day.

Let’s compare them to other sites. Like Farrakhan, or Antifa.

Have they gotten similar Terms Of Service treatment?

Even the Left has acknowledged that Louis Farrakhan is a straight-up anti-semite.

CNN wrote about it: Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan delivers anti-Semitic speech

Hawaii’s senator called him out on it:

And Twitter finally — reluctantly — stripped him of their famous ‘blue check mark’.

But he still has a platform, despite the fact that one of the preferred fact checkers of the left-leaning social media sites (Snopes) reported Farrakhan (link) LITERALLY calling for his followers to kill people:

But still, here he is, as the saying goes, “large as life, and twice as ugly“.

What about Antifa?

With their rioting, violence against police, and general harassment of ordinary people trying to eat a meal in a restaurant…


But when you plug ‘Antifa’ into the search bar, Twitter is happy to link you to some of their accounts.

Here’s what came up when I plugged ‘Antifa’ into my search bar.

Oh. Twitter figured I was interested in the Democrats.

Gee, I wonder why?

Maybe that’s a clue why Antifa hasn’t been ‘de-platformed’ yet, but Alex Jones — whatever you think of his outlandish claims — went dark on all these social media networks on the very same day.

As for why Farrakhan hasn’t been, can you think of a SINGLE good reason?

Hmmm? Any reason at all?

Need some time to answer?

But tell us more about the dire threat some foreign nation might be to our electoral system.

But when you get back to us, be sure to tell us over a Social Media platform that anyone to the right of Stalin hasn’t already been exiled from.

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