Patriots: Never Forget That 17yrs Ago ‘Foreign Nationals’ Attacked NYC

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2018

Can someone tell Democrats about the principle that before setting out to destroy something, you should understand why it was put there, first. ICE, for instance.

They’re right when they say that we didn’t always have ICE.

It was set up in response to something. Do you remember what that ‘something’ was?

Here’s a clue:

It was 17 years ago.

…in September.

…and it looked something like this:



And when the dust was settled, and we figured out all the ways that we ‘almost’ prevented the whole thing from happening… but didn’t, ICE was made as a response.

Oddly, James Woods nearly thwarted the attack when he ‘reported some suspicious passengers’ about a month before the Twin Towers fell, says ABC News.

And now, the Left has not only bailed on their promise never to forget the 2,977 who died that day. (We refuse to count the terrorists among that number.) They have since flipped and seem hellbent on making it easier for terrorists to gain access to America.

They offer sanctuary cities. They oppose the wall. They present every possible obstacle they can to securing the border.

And now, they think our own AGENTS are the enemy. Democrats don’t just want to ABOLISH ICE, now they want to PROSECUTE it.

Think about that for a minute. Rather than come to the table and change the legislation that has the force of law, they want to punish the poor bastards tasked with enforcing the laws currently on the books. Laws that DEMOCRATS refuse to change or update.

Who’s really the stupid one here? And who lacks respect for the democratic process?

The ICE immigration-enforcement agency must be abolished and prosecuted, says the far-left progressive running for Attorney General of New York state.
“ICE has to be abolished, and I say that as somebody who is running for one of the top law-enforcement jobs in the country,” said Zephyr Teachout, a law professor and an ally of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic candidate for a House seat in New York who jump-started the Abolish ICE! campaign.

Teachout is using the issue to win votes from progressive groups and from immigrant and migrant communities:

ICE was born in xenophobia, in a time after 9/11 and has grown up to become a tool of fear and illegality. And as Attorney General, I will continue to speak out against ICE, I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts.
Source: Breitbart

It requires a really expensive education to say something that colossally stupid.

A ‘tool of fear and illegality’ — is she even speaking English here?

Let us suppose for a moment that there were no foreign nationals who mean us harm. No ‘Death To America’ chants. No underwear bombers trying to find their way into the country, or Boston bombers who hide in our midst and then attack us from within.

The official history can be found on the government website, here.

Let’s see. Just on the most recent news release page, we’ve got a pretty long list of things they’ve been up to recently. The first page only goes as far back as July. Here are a few highlights.

They’ve brought in:
– International Drug Traffickers
– Gang members wanted for murder, conspiracy and racketeering
– A wanted war criminal from Liberia
– Child Pornographers
– $43M worth of counterfeit merchandise
– Charity fraudster
– A Brazilian national wanted for murder (previously deported, was removed from Martha’s Vinyard)
– 8 MS-13 members — attempted murder, racketeering, etc
– 18 human smugglers, 117 illegal aliens, vehicles, cash
– 37 arrests in NJ — mostly failure to honor detainer, 78% face criminal charges or had priors
– 18 alien smugglers and seized cash, vehicles and more than 1,000 lbs. of marijuana
– 1 MS-13 Sex Trafficker
– 1 Venezuelan official for conspiracy, bribery, money laundering
– a conviction for child pornography
– a conviction of a 40-year-old man who traveled to Haiti to have sex with a minor
– a life sentence for a sex trafficker
one sex trafficker whose detainer NORTH CAROLINA had refused to honor
– a man convicted for training dogs for fighting
– another life sentence for a sex trafficker — child sex trafficer, in this instance
– 2 dozen arrests in a Narcotics operation

Which of these acts would ICE be ‘prosecuted’ for?

Stopping child sex traffickers and kiddy porn producers?
Catching a War Criminal?
Wanted murderers?

Nope. She would be bothered by the fact that a whole lot of businesses will be audited for who they are paying under the table.

Because that could hurt the Democrats’ bottom line.

They love the illegal immigrants, and if that wrecks everything for the law-abiding immigrants that file their paperwork, and wait at the border crossing, well too damn bad.

They only care about ‘certain’ immigrants.

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