Judge Jeanine Goes On The Warriors & Wildmen Podcast And It Gets Crazy

She’s earned that reputation for being tough and, naturally, she fit right in on this show.

Judge Jeanine has strong opinions, and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

She knows what her rights are, and she’s not the kind of person who’s going to sit around until someone tells her it’s “ok” to exercise them.

Honestly, we could use a lot more with her kind of moxy.

And that’s really the point of Warriors and Wildmen. It’s not about the epic beard or a 700 lb benchpress.

It’s about taking a courageous stand… while we can so.

If we don’t do it in this generation, the next generation will have a bigger hill to climb. And instead of just being de-platformed, they could face jail.

Like Tommy Robinson over there in England did.

Will you have to nut up? Yes.

Might you have to break a sweat and take a risk? Hell yeah.

But that’s why God was good enough to give you a pair, wasn’t it?

After all, if the Judge can do it… what’s stopping any of the rest of us?

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Doug Giles

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