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Not With Her: Dems Ditch ‘Toxic’ Pelosi In Droves As GOP Attack Ads Hit The Mark

As the midterms get closer, desperate Dems are sharpening their knives…

We’re continually told about the ‘Blue Wave’ that’s going to crush the surge in GOP support that has been building.

But so far, the ‘Blue Wave’ has been less than a trickle.

They touted it in the Georgia special election last summer when John Ossoff failed so spectacularly to ‘flip’ the state after getting a whole lot of help from Hollywood celebrities.

In the last special election, the GOP won 8 out of 9 seats — and Republicans have put out a new ad mocking them for it.

Maybe it’s more fitting to call the ‘Blue Wave’ the ‘Blue Drip’ or even the ‘Blue Drought’.

Whoever is on the team creating these new GOP ads are striking gold — they are fantastic!

The one about Nutty Nancy Pelosi criticizing President Trump for not recognizing the ‘spark of divinity’ in MS-13 gang members was absolutely savage.

The GOP has made Pelosi, current House Minority Leader and until recently, the prime candidate for Speaker of the House if the Dems manage to grab control, the target of their attack ads.

Their ads seem to be working.

Pelosi was widely regarded in the Democrat party as one of the most influential female leaders, a fundraising genius, and political master — until about 5 minutes ago.

Now, she’s a relic from a bygone era that’s keeping the progressives from progress.

She’s an anchor rather than a rudder.

And the Dems are fleeing from 78-year old Pelosi like rats off of a sinking ship.

WASHINGTON – While Democrats grow optimistic about their chances of taking control of the House in November, they are increasingly anxious that the presence of their longtime and polarizing leader, Nancy Pelosi, is making it harder for many of their candidates to compete in crucial swing districts.

Republicans, clinging to a 23-seat majority in the House, have made the House minority leader a central element of their attack ads and are portraying many of their opponents as inextricably tied to the liberal from San Francisco. At the same time, some Democrats are expressing alarm that she is standing in the way of the next generation of leaders.

There is a massive generational gap between the leaders of the party and some of the new, young candidates.

Yes, kiddies, they’re saying that a woman that’s spent over 40 years in office isn’t able to relate to the next generation of Democrats.

The tension is exacerbated by a growing generational rift in the Democratic caucus, with younger candidates and members looking to assert themselves against a leadership team that includes Pelosi, 78, and her top lieutenant, 79-year-old Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. Among the Democratic candidates who have declined to endorse Pelosi is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic Socialist from Queens who has become a national star of the party’s left wing.

Tlaib, of Michigan, said it was time for a generational change, telling CNN Thursday that her constituents “don’t feel like they’re being heard, and I think that starts at the top with leadership.”

Source: San Francisco Gate

Did you catch that?

The new star of the Democrats is the far-left fringe ‘Democratic Socialist’ candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. DNC Chair Tom Perez proclaimed her the ‘future of the Democratic Party.’


Yesterday, Twitter exploded when the ‘future of the Democratic party’ refused to debate Ben Shapiro after he offered her 10K to her campaign or to a charity of her choice, to do so. She said it was like ‘catcalling’ and she didn’t need to respond to ‘men with bad intentions.’


She refused because he had ‘bad intentions’ and not because she is a rambling, incoherent, intellectual light-weight.

Which brings us right back to Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s the long, long list of Democrats that are distancing themselves from Pelosi.

  1. Ken Harbaugh (D-OH-7) wants ‘new leadership’ and ‘new thinking’
  2. Aftab Pureval (D-OH-1) said he wouldn’t support Pelosi as Speaker because we need a ‘new generation of leaders’
  3. Dan McCready (D-NC-9) said it’s ‘time for a change’ and it ‘starts at the top’
  4. Danny O’Connor (R-OH-12)  told POLITICO that ‘we need changes in leadership on both sides of the aisle’
  5. Brendan Kelly (D-IL-12) says he would not support Pelosi for Speaker of the House
  6. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY-22) said, ‘I believe it’s time for new leadership on both sides of the aisle.’
  7. Ben McAdams (D-UT-4) also won’t support Pelosi to lead the party if they take the House again.
  8. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ-11) wouldn’t vote for Pelosi into a House leadership position.
  9. Jared Golden (D-ME-2) says that he ‘has no intention of voting for Nancy Pelosi. None at all.’
  10. Clarke Tucker (D-AR-2) in his ad says, ‘I’ve said from day one that I won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi.’
  11. Max Rose (D-NY-11) says that in order to show Americans the Dems are serious about change, ‘we need a change in leadership.’
  12. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ-1) said, ‘We need to change the leadership in Washington. After more than a decade of leading House Democrats as Speaker and Minority Leader, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will not have my support as leader in the next session.’
  13. Gil Cisneros (D-CA-39) says that ‘it’s time for new leadership.’
  14. Andrew Janz (D-CA-22) says, ‘it’s time for a new generation of leaders to go to Washington, and this is with respect to both Democrats and Republicans.’
  15. Andy Kim (D-NJ-3) agrees that both sides of the aisle need new leadership.
  16. Richard Ojeda (D-WV-3) says that Pelosi doesn’t relate to the working class
  17. Joe Cunningham (D-SC-1) said, that it’s ‘time to move forward and win again.’
  18. Mel Hall (D-IN-2) said, ‘I do not currently support and will not support Nancy Pelosi for leadership in the next Congress…. Washington is broken – and career politicians in both parties are to blame.’
  19. Liz Watson (D-IN-9) says, ‘we need new leadership in Washington.’
  20. J.D. Scholten (D-IA-4) says that the leadership is from California and New York and that needs to change.
  21. Kathleen Williams (D-MT-AL) says in her campaign ad, ‘I won’t be voting for Nancy Pelosi for leader. Instead, I’ll push to find a new leadership team that ensures Congress works for all of us.’
  22. Janet Garrett (D-OH-4) agreed, ‘I look at the leadership, I think we should vote them all out.’
  23. Theresa Gasper (D-OH-10) wants new leadership in the House.
  24. Josh Welle (D-NJ-4) says that although Pelosi has been a strong leader, ‘it’s clear that Congress is not working for everyday people, and now is the time for new leadership in Washington with fresh ideas on moving our country forward and united.’
  25. Kathy Manning (D-NC-13) says that she doesn’t want more of the same. ‘We need fresh faces and bold ideas leading both parties.’
  26. Jason Crow (D-CO-6) wants new leadership, so he won’t support Pelosi.
  27. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA-7) gave a statement to NBC News, ‘We need new leadership in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, and at every level, from first-term members to Congressional leadership, and for this reason, under no circumstances, would I vote for Nancy Pelosi to again be Speaker of the House.’
  28. Ron Dinicola (D-PA-16) respects the ‘contributions’ of Pelosi, but wants change.
  29. Kara Eastman (D-NE-2) wrote in a Facebook post, ‘I believe it’s time to bring fresh perspectives to Washington. Democrats must have term limits like the Republicans have for their Congressional leaders. I would support a new House leader in 2019!’
  30. Joseph Kopser (D-TX-21) gave a statement to NBC News, ‘Both parties need a new generation of leaders who will put country ahead of party. I’m not supporting Nancy Pelosi as leader in any vote because I believe there are people who can better take the Democratic Party and our country forward.’
  31. Jess King (D-PA-11) also gave a statement to NBC News, ‘Congress already has too many career politicians in leadership, and too often leaders in both parties fail to stand up to wealthy special interests. That’s why I would vote for new leadership, not Nancy Pelosi. We need to make Washington D.C work for all of us, instead of just working for the political establishment.’
  32. Ammar Campa-Najjar (D-CA-50) says that he wouldn’t support Pelosi because ‘we need new leadership.’
  33. Mac Schneider (D-ND-AL) says that he won’t vote for Pelosi because change is needed, but more than that, ‘I think we need someone who can deliver an economic message — someone who can come out to North Dakota and talk to farmers and ranchers and explain why Democratic policies are better for their pocketbooks.’
  34. Tim Bjorkman (D-SD-AL) made this a major plank in his platform. ‘My first pledge is one I have spoken of since the day I announced my candidacy… that as South Dakota’s lone Congressman, I will not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House or any other leadership position.’
  35. Jill Schiller (D-OH-2) gave her statement to NBC News ‘I plan to vote for a new generation of leaders…. I’ve heard one consistent theme on the campaign trail: we need change in Washington, and I want to be a part of that change.’
  36. James Thompson (D-KS-4) says he doesn’t support Nancy Pelosi returning as leader.
  37. Paul Davis (D-KS-2) says that Congress is ‘broken’ and the leaders of both parties bear the responsibility. He is advocating for new leadership on both sides.
  38. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI-8) wants a ‘new generation of leaders’.
  39. Nate McMurray (D-NY-27) says it’s time to move on.’If this blue wave really does happen, it’s a request to go a different way, a mandate to do things differently.’
  40. Haley Stevens (D-MI-11) wouldn’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker.
  41. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) doesn’t like that Pelosi supports ‘big banks’ and ‘efforts that I don’t think put the people first.’
  42. Dr. Danielle Mitchell (D-TN-3), in a statement to NBC News said, ‘I admire Pelosi and deeply appreciate all she has accomplished, but I wouldn’t back her for another term as Speaker of the House. Limiting terms in Congress shows that we have faith in the ability of others to step up and serve.’

And that’s not all.

Those are just the 42 Democratic Nominees against Pelosi.

NBC News has also listed:

  • 9 Democratic Incumbents against Pelosi
  • 2 Democratic Candidates against Pelosi
  • 34 Democratic Nominees that are neither for nor against Pelosi

See the complete list here.

Well, then.

It looks like there are some Democrats that want to swap out the old swamp rats for newer models.

The Poster Girl For Term Limits should be worried — maybe her 4 decades in office is going to end with a whimper.

K. Walker

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