Lawbreakers: Have Our ‘Compassionate’ Responses Backfired?

Written by Larry Usoff on August 13, 2018

Some folks have written me on email to say that my ideas on punishment for criminals are too harsh. I understand their thinking that because they may be leaning in the left direction. My eye-for-an-eye punishment is justified, I believe. If the victim is tortured, the perpetrator should be tortured also, before the execution. ALL executions should be open to the public and take place in open public spaces, giving them an opportunity to see the REAL ending for their potential crimes.

Prison time should be a punishment, not a chance to build up muscles, watch television or even read books so that a legal mind might be developed. Conditions should be humane, but not easy, and sentences should be carried out to the last day with paroles given to those who have TRULY become the opposite of what they were.

Rioting in the streets…looting and burning, people being injured, and it’s all so unnecessary. Years back, if a situation like this arose, the Governor of the state called out the National Guard and they had the message: You Loot, We Shoot. Why is this not being done anymore? If the street is blocked by anything, drive a big front-end loader down the street. Use rubber bullets if you have to, but maintain order.

Remember when Michelle) made the statement that she lives in a house built by slaves…and I won’t dispute that, but the biggest slave-traders in the world today are in the muddled Middle East, and in particular the ISIS people. It’s interesting to note that, according to what could be found, the Arabic word for “black” is the same as the word for “slave”. The United States abolished slavery and we never went back on our word…but that’s not the case with other countries. If you live in a glass house you don’t throw stones at others.

Of late, being an old cranky man, it occurred to me that some things are lacking in the upcoming generations. Observing punctuality, being punctilious, and using proper punctuation. One does not have to be pedantic to get one’s meaning across to others, but one does not have to be curt either. If you say you’re going to do something somewhere at a certain time, for a certain person, then do it. Don’t say something you don’t mean and don’t mean something you don’t say…never let anything hang in the air. Maybe that’s what’s mostly wrong with political correctness…people have gotten so frightened by the PC Police that they never say what’s on their mind. Say it, and if it’s important, say it again.

The Washington Post, on the 29th of July, reported that the oldest person in the world had died at the age of 117. It seems to me, and I could be wrong about this, that people are living longer…maybe not to 117, but on average they make it to 90 or 95 more often nowadays. When you look back at the various wars and diseases that mankind has survived the old saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” might actually have some merit to it! The person in this report was a Japanese woman, and she was referred to as “The Goddess”. Apparently there was no special diet (she loved sushi) or exercises involved. She was a calligrapher and, from the report, a kind and loving person.

Remember when diplomatic relations were reset between the United States and Cuba? Lots of fanfare about the whole thing, and pictures of our then-President and Raul Castro chumming it up, even doing the wave at a baseball game. All was not as it might have seemed, as we were told. The US diplomats assigned to Cuba might have been subjected to a sort of passive mental torture. Several of them reported strange noises which gave them some problems. The diplomats originally were said to have been victims of a “sonic attack”, a possibility that the Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly ruled out in January.

The experts’ report, published late Wednesday in the journal JAMA, does not solve the mystery, instead raising even more questions about what could have caused the brain injuries. The incidents occurred in 2016, when 18 of the 21 affected diplomats reported they heard strange sounds in their homes or hotel rooms. The noises were loud and sounded like buzzing or grinding metal, or piercing squeals or humming, the diplomats recalled. The State Department asked researchers at the University of Pennsylvania to investigate. Their report confirmed neurological problems in the diplomats, including signs of what appear to be concussions. So, it would appear that Cuba is not as friendly as they would have us believe, eh?

Parting shot: This continues to puzzle me; with all the accumulated mountain of evidence (my opinion) that the current administration has on the prior administration, why isn’t anyone in court, much less in prison? The popular opinion among people on “the right” is that somebody is dragging their feet on this, but for what reason? When he was selected, Sessions seemed to be the right guy for Attorney General…but that has proven to be wrong. In the Navy we used to say, “Shape up or ship out”, and maybe that should be the watchword for the President. True, he has shipped out different folks, so maybe we’ll see an improvement. Let’s just see.

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