Remember When Obama’s Campaign Committed A MASSIVE Finance Violation And No One Screamed, ‘Impeachment?’

Written by Wes Walker on August 24, 2018

It’s almost as though we’ve got parallel justice systems. One for ‘them’ and one for ‘us’.

It’s not just the same-old Trump collusion stuff, either, where all of the Clinton-connected offenders (and Hillary herself) seem to get immunity no matter HOW incriminating the evidence against them may have been, while anyone remotely connected to Trump needs to lawyer up and hope it doesn’t bankrupt them.

There are other examples, too.

Examples like how the Media(D) is losing their collective (-ist) mind with glee over how Trump’s alleged guilt in some kind of a campaign finance wrongdoing.

Even though the guy who WROTE those campaign finance laws was interviewed by Mark Levin. And guess what? Regardless of any plea deal arranged by any Clintonista lawyer, Trump did no such thing.

Let’s look back a few years to Obama’s first election bid.

He faced a FINE that exceeded ‘hush money’ non-disclosure payment people are upset at Trump for making.

Left-leaning Political ran this headline back in 2013: Obama 2008 campaign fined $375,000

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations — one of the largest fees ever levied against a presidential campaign, POLITICO has learned.

The fine — laid out in detail in FEC documents that have yet to be made public — arose from an audit of the campaign, which was published in April. POLITICO obtained a copy of the conciliation agreement detailing the fine, which was sent to Sean Cairncross, the chief lawyer for the Republican National Committee, one of the groups that filed complaints about the campaign’s FEC reporting from 2008.

“$375,000 is a huge fine,” said Republican election lawyer Jason Torchinsky. “It may one of their top five- or 10-largest fines.”
Source: Politico

Remember how the Democrats and the Media (but I repeat myself) all flew off into a collective rage that Obama was a criminal because of those campaign finance issues, and he should be impeached, if not imprisoned?


Well, that’s weird. Because even when Trump has — according, again, to the guy who WROTE federal campaign election law (see the link, above) — that Trump has NOT violated finance law.

What allegations Cohen may or may not have pled to have nothing to do with the President’s guilt or innocence.

And yet the same media types who were clutching their pearls when the public wanted to ‘Lock her up’ [‘her’ being their precious saint Hillary] for the specifical legal offense of breaking the law with classified information… are all gleeful that they’ve finally ‘got the goods’ on Trump for his illicit finance contributions.

For those of us that obviously missed it, could someone point out the hit pieces that the same ‘legacy’ media leveled at the Obama-messiah?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.