Watch: Bro Breaks World Record For Riding The Biggest Wave Ever!

Written by Wes Walker on August 15, 2018

Before you say ‘that’s shopped’… it’s not. This dude’s name is in Guinness now.

But we’ll forgive you for finding the footage hard to believe. After all, how often do you see some guy riding an 80’ wave?

Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa broke the world record for the highest wave ever surfed, during a session in Nazare, Portugal, according to the World Surf League. The São Paulo native set the new record riding an 80-foot (24,38m) wave in November 2017

And you might have to look twice to spot him. He’s not the larger dot near the top of the wave. He’s the smaller one moving down the face of it.

Are you wondering where an 80′ wave comes from? So was I.

Wonder no longer:

Nazaré, NPR reported in 2013, features both an intense upward slope toward shore and huge, constructive-interference-generating underwater walls — extreme versions of both amplifying effects that make it one of the top sites for monster waves in the world. Nazaré Canyon, a deep gorge off the coast, sinks to about 16,000 feet (nearly 4,900 meters) below the ocean’s surface and blasts waves toward the surface.

That’s why the previous record-breaking wave, a 78-footer, was also surfed off the coast of Nazaré. The canyon’s waves have proved dangerous, injuring or nearly killing both surfers and beachgoers on several occasions. Waves topping 100 feet have been spotted offshore, according to NPR’s report.

Still, as long as that hidden canyon continues to fire gobsmacking waves toward the ocean surface, it’s hard to imagine that thrill-seeking surfers will stay away.
Source: LiveScience

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