Woman Riding Motorcycle Promptly Puts Road Rager On The Highway To Hell

Written by Wes Walker on August 23, 2018

If gun control advocates had their way, it would have been the victim’s funeral, not the attacker’s.

People still don’t seem to understand what we mean when we say that gun rights are women’s rights. Maybe this will help clear it up.

A young woman on her motorcycle was minding her business on the road when a sixty-year-old man decided to pick a fight with her.

Several times, he tried to run her off the road.

The woman, 24, was Aubrey Bowlin. Her attacker, 60, was Bruce Jones.

Signs of trouble started when Jones stopped his vehicle almost touching the end of her bike’s tailpipe.

She looked back giving the driver some sort of a ‘what the hell was that about?’ gesture. It got a lot worse from there.

“The one time I leave a little too much space for the car in front of me, he then proceeds to go onto the shoulder and try to ram me with his car on the passenger side of his car, on the left side of my bike and with my left leg, into the cars … to the right of us, which would be considered the fast lane,” she told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

There was a ‘horrified’ passenger in Jones’s car watching this all unfold.

While stopped in the next slowdown, Bowlin could not believe what she saw in her mirror. Jones had stopped his car and was coming toward her. She put her kickstand down, preparing for a fight.
Source: MyNorthWest

And she certainly got one.

Bowlin knew already that a physical fight would be heavily weighed against her. Not only did Jones have several inches of height on her, but she was wearing a tracksuit that did not allow her to move very easily.

Jones first hit her with a chest bump, to which Bowlin retaliated with a head butt, sending him into the guard rail.

“He had his hands on me and I was trying to shimmy out of that, and he just wasn’t letting me go,” she described.
Source: MyNorthWest

He grabbed her helmet and shook her head like a ragdoll.

In the fetal position against the barrier as Jones weighed down on her, Bowlin began to slip in and out of consciousness due to the tightness of her helmet’s chin strap. Bowlin realized in her lucid moments that Jones was going to choke her to death.

“If he had gotten my helmet off, I would’ve been dead,” she said.

It was at this point that Bowlin suddenly remembered that she had a firearm. She knew that she had to save her life.

“It was me or him,” Bowlin said. “And I was coming home.”
Source: MyNorthWest

In a simple statement, she sums up the whole point of the Second Amendment.

“I was fighting for my life, and that’s what the whole point of having a concealed weapons permit and having a firearm is — to solely defend your life, because I thought he was going to take mine,” she said.
Source: MyNorthWest

Aubrey Bowlin is her parents’ only daughter.

At the end of the day, the biggest difference between those who support the Second Amendment and those who hate it is this:

Their policy has the attacker continue to live his wretched life.

Ours lets his intended victim live another day.

If you want to help Bowlin, you can. She’s facing significant medical expenses. Learn more, here.

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