Bold Claim: “The MeToo Movement Is a Threat to Justice, Time to Crush It”.. Is She Right?

Published on September 26, 2018

by Sylvia Thompson
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Patriotic men of America, if you have not as yet discerned what you are facing in another vile, pernicious leftist movement—MeToo, to be exact—I humbly suggest it is time for you to clear your vision.

This latest travesty against justice and fair play manifested in the gaggle of man-hating females persecuting Judge Brett Kavanaugh (slated to be the next replacement on the Supreme Court) should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It behooves all of us to keep in mind that women do lie about sexual harassment because in doing so, they can wield an unjust power over innocent men.

Currently, we have a leftist woman, working in conjunction with the socialist Democrat Party machine, trying feverishly to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination—shades of another leftist tool, Anita Hill, who attempted to do the same thing to Supreme Court nominee Judge Clarence Thomas. I’m sitting here thinking, “Why the hell is America putting up with this mockery of justice, again?”

As a woman, I am not so much sickened by the fact that some women are indeed psychologically broken, and do believe all men are their enemies. What disgusts me even more is the spineless way that so many men pander to these twisted women.

The MeToo movement does a grave disservice to women and womanhood in general, and especially to the many women who are genuine victims of criminal assaults. The movement demeans women by attaching such serious offenses as rape and sexual brutalization to their leftist cause of eventually destroying maleness in our culture. Of course, they could never physically take down men (they would be justly obliterated), but they have, to a large degree, neutered many America men, and they are actively destroying boys (through the leftist education system).

The despicable sideshow now playing out with Senator Grassley’s committee, in its efforts to accommodate Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, is truly grating on the nerves of patriots. The men on that committee are bowing and bending, because they fear all hell will rain down on them from the women of America if they don’t pander to Ford. That assumption is hogwash. I would wager that particularly strong, independent women are bristling at how much Grassley and the committee are groveling, even to the point of breaking procedures, to accommodate this woman.

For the record, no, I do not believe Christine Ford, given what I know of the circumstances. It’s for the same reason I did not believe Anita Hill. Rabid feminists were driving the assault on Thomas’s character, just as they are driving the assault on Kavanaugh. There was no MeToo movement back then (just feminists) and thankfully justice prevailed; Judge Thomas was confirmed. Additionally, there were more manly men back then, like Judge Thomas, willing to fight the feminists.

The media is playing to the leftist accuser because that is what the state of journalism in this country has become.

I say forget “Fourth Estate” (the term neutrally applied to a nation’s press); the American media have become the “Fifth Column” (subversives working within a country to take it down). Sadly, many in the profession are too low-intelligence to be consciously aware of their negative impact on the survival of the nation. They are driven by ridiculous meme’s, such as “fair and balanced” and “people have a right to know,” with absolutely no concern for what is best for the nation. In addition, they are led by the nose by anti-American forces (of the George Soros type), who are very much aware of their negative impact. After all, it is the aim of these anti-American forces to destroy this constitutional republic and replace it with a socialist cesspool. Those forces thrive in such a poisonous environment as socialism; individual freedom, which takes away their power and control, drives such people insane.

Even as feminists bray about how “polls” (the same ones that declared Trump would lose the election) now show Kavanaugh is losing support, Trump is losing support, women are not pleased, and as I listen (for as long as I can stomach them) to the millennials-driven news casts harping incessantly on this fiasco, I know one thing for sure and it is this:

— If the Senate committee caves to this woman’s demands and moves the hearings on the matter beyond planned dates,

— If that same committee breaks procedure and bows to her ridiculous demands for how the hearings must be conducted (she wants the accused to testify before he even hears the accusations against him from the mouth of his accuser—absurd beyond comprehension),

— If that same committee caves and does not hold a vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation on the date planned,

there will be, justifiably, hell to pay.

Not from the twisted, feminist Left, but from what I think is a majority of American citizens who have had it with the Republicans’ constant bowing to the insanity of the Left. The Senators know full well the primary goal of the Left is to disrupt President Trump’s agenda. That agenda is also the agenda of the people who voted for him in 2016, enabling him to win the election.

So, enough with the madness. Grow a spine, Republican men, and fight those despicable feminists and their latest pawn, Christine Blasey Ford. Someone must stand up for justice.

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