Remember: The Burden of Proof Is on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Written by Allan Erickson on September 26, 2018

Informed opinion predicts Professor Christine Blasey Ford will fail this Thursday giving testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. As the accuser, she bears the burden of proof. Dr. Ford must convince Senators that Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a private “gathering” in the early 80s, and that she feared for her life.

(Kavanaugh denies the accusations and says he wasn’t even present at the “gathering”.)

Dr. Ford admits she cannot remember important details: the date of the alleged assault, the location, how she arrived at that location, the number of people in the house, their identities. It is alleged she had been drinking. Others claim she was a binge drinker. Dr. Ford claims Kavanaugh was falling down drunk.
Hundreds of people describe Kavanaugh as a gentleman who never abused women or got drunk.

Kavanaugh has hundreds of people who confirm his exemplary character and comportment, contradicting Ford in every respect. She has no one to support her claims. She did not report the alleged assault at the time, and so far as anyone can tell, she remained silent about it until recently, sharing the story with her husband and her therapist. She says the incident left her feeling shame and guilt, that it left her scarred for life.

Eye brows raised when Dr. Ford began issuing conditions for her testimony. She wanted the accused to testify first, a violation of the Constitutional right to face one’s accusers, and a violation of proper and fair procedure. Traditionally the accuser testifies first. Dr. Ford also asked that Kavanaugh not be present during her testimony, another violation of his rights and of proper procedure.

Additionally, she is a hardcore Leftist activist against President Trump which some will see as a motivating factor.

Many of her students describe her as threatening, vindictive, out of control, harsh, even aggressive.

Taking these factors together, her credibility is severely lacking, especially in view of her 11th hour accusations revealed only after the nomination hearings concluded.

To many observers, Ford’s appearance and its timing call into question her motives and those of Democrats on the judiciary committee. In the court of public opinion, and on the floor of the Senate, it is likely most people will conclude this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to smear and destroy a qualified jurist based on political considerations exclusively.

Dr. Ford says she is just doing her civic duty.

The fact Ford’s attorney is a far Left activist with ties to Soros and the Deep State is not lost on people who understand Democrats will do anything to destroy President Trump and anyone associated with him.

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Allan Erickson
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