BOOM! Bad@ss ‘Disabled’ Kid Removes His Legs And Pounds The Hell Out Of A Bully

Written by Wes Walker on September 1, 2018

Disabled, my ass! Be careful who you pick a fight with… looks can be deceiving.

We’re not exactly why the twitter post we found the video on made it political. Unless they know something the video doesn’t tell us, it looks like a couple of kids in an old-fashioned street fight.

Well, with a twist. The ‘victim’ came out on top.

Just because you see a kid standing on two prosthetic legs doesn’t mean he’s a pushover.

In fact, it may have taught him to be tougher and more courageous than you can possibly imagine.

The bully in this story found that out pretty quickly. He was running his mouth and throwing punches.

Maybe he thought it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

He was right, but not for the reasons he thought. That bully was in WAY over his head.

Once he got rid of the dead weight of his prosthetic legs, he was ready to rock and roll. He knows how to duck and weave. How to close the distance.

And that takedown! Wow.

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