5 ‘Extremist Muslims’ Arrested In Connection With New Mexico Compound

Written by Wes Walker on September 1, 2018

This story’s got more plot twists than M Night Shyamalan. Whoever gets movie rights will be set for life.

This story is all kinds of sketchy.

The FBI got involved to recover after a dangerous legal fumble by the prosecution.

The defendants, Jany Leveille, 35, a Haitian national illegally present in the United States, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, and Lucas Morton, 40, are charged in a criminal complaint that was filed earlier today in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico,” the FBI said in a statement.
Source: DailyWire

First, we found out that an ‘off the grid’ compound of Islamic extremists was training a group malnourished kids to shoot guns and launch a jihad against soft targets like schools.

That was bad.

Also, a missing toddler was found buried in that same compound.

Then we noticed that the same media that is STILL talking about Parkland every chance they get wasn’t all that interested in talking about someone actually TRAINING children to execute the next horrific Parkland story.

We learned there was a certain sophistication to the plan of these attacks, taking advantage of such things as choke points for maximum effect.

We learned that there was a connection to an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 Twin Towers Bombing. This was that man’s son. That man has personal connections to — among others — Democrat heroine Linda Sarsour.

Getting weird yet? We’re just getting started.

The compound was bulldozed very shortly after charges were laid.

Bail was granted.

The prosecution missed a procedural deadline and charges against the defendants were dismissed.

The FBI has now taken the ball and started running with it.

The FBI announced on Friday that it has arrested all five adults connected to the “extremist Muslim” compound in New Mexico. The arrests come just days after all charges were dropped against three of the defendants.
“The criminal complaint charges Jany Leveille with being an alien unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition in the District of New Mexico from Nov. 2017 through Aug. 2018,” the FBI continued. “The criminal complaint charges the other four defendants with aiding and abetting Leveille in committing the offense, and with conspiring with Leveille to commit the offense.”

Did you think attacking a school was cold?

Well, what about a hospital? That’s Batman-and-Joker kind of malevolence.

A report from this week revealed that investigators had found a “‘handwritten document titled ‘Phases of a Terrorist Attack,’ and that the ‘extremist Muslims’ had allegedly planned to attack a hospital.”
Source: DailyWire

Is it time to start asking why the same ‘news’ people who don’t bat an eye to throwing words like racist, sexist, homophobe and islamophobe around without the slightest credible evidence will fight to their dying breath not to utter the phrase ‘Islamic Terror’?

If you pretend to be a reliable source of information, this self-censoring politically incorrect messages is actually blinding the public to any real patterns or threats that might otherwise give us red flags and fair warning of trouble on the horizon.

Maybe the fact that some people are coming from parts of the world where life is cheap, and armed conflict is a part of the daily grind should be one of the considerations in who we welcome into the country.

Also — the charge said he was ‘an alien’ unlawfully in possession of a firearm. He was found in New Mexico.

Any takers on how this ‘alien’ found his way into the country?

One side wants to ‘abolish ICE’ the other side wants to ‘build the wall’.

Which party has the plan that would greater provide for the safety of — in this instance — schools and hospitals. And which one is just whistling past the graveyard?

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