Dear CNN: If America Sucks Under Trump Why Is Obama Taking Credit For The Economy?

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2018

No wonder he’s worried — if Trump fixes what Obama couldn’t, Obama comes off looking like an even bigger Presidential failure than he already does.

Obama breezed into Chicago to prove himself a president who breaks with the tradition of sitting down, shutting up, and letting the new President go about the business of being the President.

Because for Obama, everything is about him… that still hasn’t changed.

But not only did he talk about himself more than he did about anyone or anything else in his entire speech (and they call Trump a narcissist!) he tried to take credit for the Roaring Economy under Trump.

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How ‘awesome’ was that Obama economy?

Hannity broke down the damning numbers that described POTUS44’s term as he was leaving office:


And how is Trump’s administration doing by comparison? We at ClashDaily find ourselves reporting example after example after example of new, awesome economic records that the country hasn’t seen in a long, long time — if at all.

For example, just today, the Small business confidence numbers are at a 35-year high. For a reference point, that tops the previous record for optimism under Reagan in ’83.

Our GDP growth is now higher than our unemployment numbers. (Which Obama said would not happen, because those lower numbers are ‘the new normal’.)

US Steel is investing $750 Million dollars into revitalizing its flagship operation in Pittsburgh.

And that’s without going into the new records of employment participation for women and minorities.

But Obama — who mocked Trump by asking what magic wand he was going to wave to keep his economic promises — wants us to believe that it was Obama, not Trump whose policies made this happen.

I think I can speak for most of us when I answer back —

“Hey Obama! You didn’t build that!”

You’ve had your turn as President.

You blew it. And now…?

The ‘Impeach 45 Crowd’ aren’t the only ones Trump is ‘wanted’ by. The MAGA voters who see what he’s doing for America have some strong feelings about him too.

He has appointed judges who believe in the Constitution as a foundational document. He has smashed the so-called ISIS Caliphate, making them homeless. He has deported a real-live Nazi prison guard. (He’s not very good at being ‘literally Hilter’.) And the Economy? It’s on fire!

The people WANT his strong leadership.

The people WANT his pro-growth, pro-freedom policies.

The people WANT America to once again embrace its top-dog role in the World Stage.

They want Trump for 2020.

And for those who love it as much as we do, that wanted poster is available here.

You can put it up in your home, or maybe the local Post Office.