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Dear CNN: Trump’s Foreign Policy Success Is INCREDIBLE – Is That ‘News?’

The media narrative is that Trump’s White House is a tornado of chaos, with a child in charge, and the staff doing their best to ‘contain him’ — but how does that square with his results?

We’ve already shared the story about the visit from the Polish President who wants a Permanent US base there to deter Russia, and suggested we call it ‘Fort Trump’

…and POLAND would pay for it!

That would certainly be one foreign policy ‘win’ and confound the ‘Russian Collusion’ mob until they can learn a new lie to recite in accusation of the President.

Another ‘win’ would be the progress we’re once again seeing toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

That doesn’t exactly square with the narrative we heard from Mr. Anonymous about aides pulling pages off the President’s desk to keep him from signing some stupid or reckless Executive Order, does it?

But those wins are just the tip of the foreign policy iceberg.

Marc Theissen laid out a quick list of foreign policy wins. And remember, he’s not yet been president for Two Years!

Syria: Trump smashing the terrorists — and not letting up; while enforcing Obama’s ‘Red Line’ against Assad using chemical weapons.

Israel: Embassy. Ended Iran Deal. Rebuilt relationships with Saudis rather than Iran.

Afghanistan: asked generals tough questions. Adjusted our strategy based on their answers.

Turkey: Slapped punishing tariffs on Erdogan, causing currency free-fall over their holding of an American political prisoner and threats that our ‘Nato Ally’ align with Russia for missile defense, and attack American troops.

These ones are worth quoting verbatim:

Trump has also taken a surprisingly tough line with Russia. He approved a massive arms and aid package for Ukraine, expelled 60 Russian diplomats and authorized new sanctions against Moscow at least four times for: (1) interfering in U.S. elections, (2) violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, (3) launching a chemical-weapon attack against a Russian national in Britain and (4) violating North Korea sanctions. And the Trump administration recently warned Russia that it would face “total economic isolation” if Moscow backed the Assad regime’s assault in Idlib. Trump’s policies more than make up for his disastrous Helsinki news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in July.

On North Korea, Trump issued credible threats of military action, which brought Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table. The chances of successful denuclearization are slim, but every other approach by Trump’s predecessors has failed. And there is reason for hope that Trump will not sign a bad deal, because he set a very high bar for a good deal when he withdrew from Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

The list of good foreign-policy moves goes on. Trump has taken a strong stand against the narco-dictatorship in Venezuela, and his administration even considered supporting coup plotters seeking to remove the Maduro regime. He strengthened NATO by getting allies to kick in billions more toward the alliance’s collective security. He declared war on the International Criminal Court, which purports to have jurisdiction over U.S. soldiers and citizens even though America is not a signatory to the treaty creating the ICC.
Source: FoxNews

However much the liberals may hate these policies going forward (especially the pro-Israel ones), they line up nicely with typical conservative foreign-policy positions.

Not bad for a supposed ‘nutcase’ eh?

If only our last two Republican (?) Presidents had been this ‘crazy’.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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