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FYI Cartoonists: Drawing Serena Williams Throwing A Fit Is Now ‘Racist’

You haven’t seen this much outrage over a cartoon since that Danish guy drew something that set half the world on fire.

Turns out some people get really antsy when you draw Mohammed. Who knew?

In America, they don’t care so much if you draw a religious figure.

And mocking politicians (especially if they are Republican) is fair game.

Not just ‘fair game’, but it’s absolutely open season.

Have you seen Time Magazine’s representative of our President on their covers? They even used that bogus pic of Trump towering over a little girl who wasn’t ACTUALLY separated from her mommy like the press photographer had first claimed.

And one guy is so worked up on the bogus idea that Russia stole the election that he expressed himself with this dishonorable slop, on 9/11 of all days:

But if a cartoonist lampoons a beloved celebrity’s childish behavior?

Serena threw a tantrum, broke the rules, was docked points, stole the spotlight, and sucked all the oxygen out of a moment that should have been one of triumph for the new champion.

Make fun of THAT in a comic, and all hell breaks loose.

People took issue with the caricature of Serena’s features.

(Are these critics new to the idea of political and current-event cartoons?)

Here are some responses:

And no, there wasn’t really a baby’s pacifier on the court when Williams had her tantrum but that is part of the humour and embellishment that cartoonists routinely employ to make a point. It’s astonishing that something so obvious needs to be pointed out.

“I have to make her look like who she is. I’m not going to draw Taylor Swift when I’m portraying Serena Williams,” Knight explained.

“It’s a cartoon about poor behaviour. It’s got nothing to do with race.

“Maybe you can’t caricature people of colour but a couple of weeks ago I did a cartoon of Aretha Franklin. I’ve heard cartoonists say to criticise a minority in any way is ‘punching down’ and because I’m a white man, it’s out of bounds for me to criticise someone like Serena Williams.”
Source: Herald Sun

Someone wrote in with about as sensible a defense of the picture as you can get:

SHOW a race-obsessed agitator a cartoon lampooning a petulant tennis star and all they’ll see is “racism”. That’s all they ever see, whether it exists or not.

You know we live in crazy times when a progressive artist from country Victoria is slandered around the world as a racist misogynist for a funny cartoon that depicts Serena Williams’ outrageous antics at the US Open tennis final.
Source: Herald Sun

Just like a little while ago when everyone was freaking out about the ‘obvious racism’ of Ron DeSantis saying ‘monkey this up’, finding new ‘racist overtones’ every day says more about the perpetually offended grumblers who cry foul than the people they accuse of racism.

It’s a cartoon.

Grow up and get yourself a sense of humor.

If you won’t do that, you can just pick up Serena’s soother and go home.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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