Gay Bro, Who LEFT The Left, Gets BANNED By Social Media For This Lame Reason

Written by K. Walker on September 13, 2018

This is just getting ridiculous.

Now it’s not just what you say that can get you banned but who you talk to.

What happened to freedom of association?

If only that was a protected right somewhere…

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I guess that only works when you get your picture taken with Louis Farrakhan.

Brandon Straka, the aspiring actor that is the founder of the popular #WalkAway campaign, was banned on Facebook for daring to mention the name Alex Jones in a post.

But there’s no bias against conservatives, right?

Straka linked to InfoWars ahead of an interview with Jones, and *poof!* his Facebook page was blocked.

Here are the images he shared. The first explains that he’s blocked from posting for 30 days, the second explains that linking to InfoWars violates the ‘community standards.’

Imagine, sharing a link to a popular website on the internet.

Straka has over 180,000 followers on Facebook, and over 77,000 on Twitter. It appears that his Facebook account will be blocked until after the March.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Straka has been promoting a march in Washington just before the midterm elections, and he was using social media to communicate with his followers.

He is now protecting his Twitter account by deleting any mention of ‘A.J.’

The good news is that he’s getting quite a bit of support from conservatives.

The GoFundMe page for the #WalkAway March was promoted.

He’s also facing some pretty vicious opposition.

He tweeted today that there may have been attempts to hack into his Twitter account:

Was that an attempt at sabotage? Maybe.

He does seem to see what is really going on:

Yes, Brandon, that’s exactly why you left the left, amirite?

No worries, bro, we’re behind you along with thousands of others.


President Trump is a wanted man.

But not just by those nutty leftists that want to ‘Impeach 45!’

His policies are being described as the most conservative President we’ve seen since at least Reagan. And for all the media carping, and accusations, his popularity is on the rise.

Have you seen the turnout for his rallies? He’s ‘Wanted’ alright.

The people WANT his strong leadership.

The people WANT his pro-growth, pro-freedom policies.

The people WANT America to once again embrace its top-dog role in the World Stage.

They want Trump for 2020.

And for those who love it as much as we do, that wanted poster is available here.

You can put it up in your home, or maybe the local Post Office.

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