Miss America’s Rating TANK After They Dropped Swimsuit Competition – And I Mean, Tanked!

Written by Wes Walker on September 12, 2018

Did you even KNOW that Sunday was the Miss America Pageant? Judging by the ratings, many either didn’t know or didn’t care.

Pundits wondered: if you take the swimsuit out of the Miss America pageant, will anyone still tune in?

The answer was a solid ‘no’.

Or at least, not nearly as many as before. About a million viewers said ‘no thanks’ to this year’s format.

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The winner, Nia Franklin, was glad she didn’t have to wear the swimsuit, but…

Viewers appeared more underwhelmed by the changes to the pageant. It slipped to a new low in viewership on ABC, which drew 4.3 million total viewers for the Sunday evening telecast, according to Nielsen overnights.

Since the pageant airs live, that may adjust a bit when final numbers are released. But it will still be down from last year when the program averaged 5.6 million total viewers. This year’s viewership decreased by 23%.
Source: Forbes

Some contestants discuss the loss of the swimsuit competition:

To put the ratings in context:

Sunday night’s telecast of the 2018 Miss America Competition on ABC drew 5.6 million viewers and a 1.2 Nielsen rating, according to a release from the Miss America Organization.

The two-hour show saw a drop in viewers compared with last year, when it drew 6.25 million viewers for a 1.3 rating, according to data from the Nielsen Co.
According to Press archives, the competition has seen a decline in viewership since 2013, despite gaining viewers in 2015.

2016: 6.25 million viewers

2015: 7.9 million viewers

2014: 7.1 million viewers

2013: 8.6 million viewers
Source: Press Of Atlantic City

And with contestants making the news with their ‘Anti-Trump Resistance’ answers it doesn’t look like those ratings will be bouncing back any time soon.


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