Rosie says, ‘Photo Proves F*cking Nazi Works For Kavanaugh’ – Rosie Be Wrong Again

Written by K. Walker on September 5, 2018

Will Rosie be facing a defamation lawsuit after this?

She very well could. She picked on the wrong person.

Rosie got sucked into a Twitter conspiracy theory that ‘proves’ that a Nazi works for Brett Kavanaugh.

There’s just one problem — it’s not true at all.

What was the proof? The way the woman’s hand rested on her arm while she was sitting behind Judge Kavanaugh. She had allegedly made a ‘white power’ symbol with her hand.

Zina Bash, 36, is well-known in Washington. She has indeed worked for Kavanaugh.

Here is Rosie’s tweet about Bash and Kavanaugh.

It’s eloquent, as always:

Here is the full image, (just in case you have been blocked from seeing Rosie’s tweets as I have been):

Oh, right. The ‘Ok’ symbol is a racist one now.

Got it. 


I guess I’m going to have to use the thumbs up emoji instead.

Here I was thinking that all the conspiracy theories would stop now that social media has taken a hardline stance on Alex Jones.

Some thought that this conspiracy was absolutely ridiculous and worthy of mockery.

Rosie had retweeted a video by a doctor that is ‘intimidated’ by ‘alt-right’ figures using hand gestures.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out on Twitter, everything is racist.

Remember how I said that she targeted the wrong person? I wasn’t kidding. Her husband is U.S. Attorney John Bash.

Defaming her on Twitter wasn’t a very bright move.

Zina Bash’s husband defended his wife against the vile rumors:


Looks like calling a Mexican-Jewish woman whose grandparents survived the Holocaust a Nazi isn’t a good plan.

Oh, and just so we’re clear — it isn’t a ‘white power’ symbol. That was completely made up by some 4chan trolls.

Rosie’s always been a bit unstable, but this is… just… Wow!

Maybe she’s just jealous of the beautiful and successful Zina Bash.

But, hey, we love women like Zina Bash, amirite?

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