Watch: Big Chick Picks A Fight With The WRONG Cheerleader – Epic Buttkicking Ensues

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2018

If you’re gonna throw your weight around, make sure you’re tough enough to back up how you run your mouth.

The girl in yellow is a big girl with a loud mouth.

She’s talking to the cheerleader like she can intimidate smaller people and have them accept her dominance. Hold that thought. We’ll come back to it.

It turns out that it was a bad idea to pick a fight with this cheerleader, and a worse idea to let the exchange get caught on camera.

The cheerleader was NOT one to be intimidated.

She kept her cool, with the standard ‘I’m talking to an irrational psychopath’ answers:

No, nobody’s ‘talking about you’.

No, nobody wants a fight.

The bully sucker punched the cheerleader while she sat in her chair.


She might be a petite, lovely cheerleader, but she’s athletic and strong. And after that sucker punch, you can add ‘royally pissed off’.

She easily mopped the floor with the bully in Yellow. And after a few good hits, the cheerleader threw her to the ground, and kept wailing on her.

Having every advantage — height, weight, positional, surprise — the bully STILL got her ass handed to her.

Oh, and one more thing.

The cheerleader still had her phone in one had the whole time. So she was fighting with still another disadvantage. And won.

The bully should be glad that the cheerleader kept it clean. Because after leading with a sucker punch, there’s no expectation that she should have.

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