BOOM! Donald Jr. Just Trolled The Crap Out Of Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren

Written by Wes Walker on October 16, 2018

Congrats, Lizzie, you’ve officially become a laughingstock.

If President Trump has a superpower, it just might be his uncanny ability to goad his enemies into acts of self-destruction. Or in Warren’s case — self-immolation.

His son, Donald Jr. uses Twitter with the same ruthless efficiency as his father.

But he isn’t restricted by any political considerations to be somewhat civil.

He’s claimed more than a few scalps in his digital dust-ups, [so to speak] and Elizabeth Warren was just the latest in a long line.


He’s not the only one giving her a hard time over her DNA test announcement.

Her grand plan to prove Trump wrong has backfired… badly.

She’s been called out for her little stunt by the actual Cherokee Chief…


She’s also being roundly mocked on social media over it:

How badly did she blow this?

So badly that the Onion got in on it. And their jab went straight for the jugular:

That was just savage. And entirely true.

She is being criticized by her own party for dropping this in the middle of Midterms.

How badly did she blow this?

So badly that even Feinstein is breathing a sigh of relief that someone has raised (lowered?) the bar of stupid self-destruction even more than she had… as someone conveniently demonstrated here:

Oh, what a time to be alive. Social media has made politics SO much more lively.

Aren’t these the same people that tried to write TRUMP off as a ‘clown’.

Well, he’s President, and they are not.

That clown shoe’s on the other foot, now, isn’t it?

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