Female Senator Watched Kavanaugh Testimony With The Sound OFF – Decides He’s Unworthy

Written by K. Walker on October 10, 2018

It just might cost her in the midterms. Here’s the 411.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) was initially going to vote ‘Yes’ for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but after rewatching his fiery opening statement when sitting Democratic Senators on the Judicial Committee ‘believed all women’ including the one alleging that he was a mastermind of a gang-rape ring when he was 15, she changed her mind.

She had listened to both Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh with the sound on, but then she decided to see if Kavanaugh’s acerbic tone was just in his words, or if his ‘temperament’ was disqualifying.

I was concerned about these allegations but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt,‘ Heitkamp told CNN.

CNN notes that Trump won North Dakota by 36 percentage points, so Heitkamp was in for a tough fight no matter what she did.
She told CNN that she decided to watch the testimony of Kavanaugh again with the sound off to watch how he was communicating with his ‘body language’ not just his tough, ‘partisan’ words.
“It’s something I do,” she said, “We communicate not only with words, but with our body language and demeanor.”
“I saw somebody who was very angry, who was very nervous, and I saw rage that a lot of people said, ‘well of course you’re going to see rage he’s being falsely accused,’ but it is at all times you’re to acquit yourself with a demeanor that’s becoming of the court,” Heitkamp said.

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Heitkamp then sagely declared, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Surprise, surprise, she found that his body language was enough evidence. Not the FBI report that didn’t find any corroboration for Professor Ford’s story — the ever-changing story of an allegation of groping and maybe, possibly an attempt at rape over 36 years ago.

What. A. Shocker.

It should be noted that Sen. Heitkamp was trailing her Republican challenger, Kevin Cramer, in the polls by double-digits at the time, so her ‘non-political’ decision was ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ to court the anti-Trump leftists — though she doesn’t describe it that way.

Watch her discuss with Anderson Cooper the decision to vote ‘No’ on Kavanaugh and take the ‘moral high ground’ even if it cost her:


It wasn’t political, guys! She was just doing what was right for her.

There’s just one problem with that — that’s not exactly what she told CNN.

She said the ‘final straw’ was Kavanaugh’s interaction with Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) that sealed the deal. Heitkamp didn’t like the Judge’s annoyed reaction to a leading question by Klobuchar suggesting that maybe he did indeed get blackout drunk in high school and could have attempted to rape Professor Ford without realizing it. This was after Klobuchar used the initial hearing to grandstand saying that the process was ‘not normal’ because ‘he was hand-picked by TRUMP!’

It was also Heitkamp’s own experience as an attorney that changed her mind. Having dealt with victims of sexual assault, she said she instinctively believed Ford.
“I certainly think I have expertise beyond a number of people within the United States Senate and that expertise is that I have sat across the desk with victims people I’ve believed when they told me their story, and I had to say,’I believe you but these cases can’t be proved beyond a reasonable doubt so we can’t proceed with the prosecution.’ And when you’ve done that, you know for a victim, the most important thing you can say is ‘I believe you’ if you do, and I think it really came down to that I believed her,” Heitkamp recalled.
Source: CNN
So, in the end, it was Heitkamp choosing to believe a woman that has some serious holes in her story about what she thinks happened over 35 years ago that has been discredited by every witness that she named, and not the now 7 clear FBI checks on a sitting judge who has led an exemplary life right with not a whiff of scandal right up until he was named as the one to fill Justice Kennedy’s swing vote seat on the Supreme Court.
How will North Dakotans take that in November?

Even the most hopelessly landlocked Trump fan can unleash their ‘inner surfer’ with this one!

There is no question, Trump is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of politics.

News network can’t go two stories without bringing his name into the conversation one way or another.

He is, once again defying all political odds, and is whipping up strength down-ticket on the Mid-terms.

He stuck to his guns over Kavanaugh and convinced the Senate to do the same, and the polls are showing it!

Not long ago, the Media(D) were excitedly chattering about a blue wave. Then the gap narrowed.

And now?

Now, it’s looking like this:

A bright red wave. It captured his Don’t GAF style nicely.

The art on his board is a nice touch, too.

Get your own print today.

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