Home Depot Founder Goads Socialist Snowflakes And It’s Patriotic Rock & Roll GOLD!

Written by Wes Walker on October 10, 2018

So, you think you’re a big fan of Socialism, do ya?

How about you take a really good look at it?

The founder of Home Depot has a message for you.

Those of us old enough to remember the old Soviet Union (other than people like Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned there) understand that there is no upside to the Socialist/Communist way of life.

In East Berlin, for example, people risked being shot — by their own country’s soldiers — in their efforts to scale the Berlin Wall and flee to freedom in the west.

The citizens of Cuba risk 70 miles of shark-infested water on jury-rigged ‘rafts’ hoping beyond hope that they can make landfall in Miami.

As Bill Whittle is fond of asking, how many boats do you see going the other way, TOWARD Cuba?


But a generation is now being raised where the failed ideas of Socialism, and its eventual end-point, Communism, have been relegated to history. Into that experience vacuum, complicit fools in academia and the media have been singing the praises of Socialist utopianism.


What’s the simplest cure for such immature infatuation? Have someone look the stark reality of that world right in the eye.

“I’ll put you in my plane and I’ll fly you down to Venezuela, and let’s see how good socialism is doing down there.”
Source: Yahoo

That quote was from Ken Langone – the billionaire investor, businessman, and philanthropist co-founder of Home Depot.

Here’s how Venezuela’s ‘free health care’ was looking even before their crisis hit full stride. Is that an improvement on what we’ve got here, do you think?

They are making purses out of their paper currency because their money is now more as a construction material than it is for it’s purchasing power.

Here’s a headline from yesterday.

“Venezuela’s 2018 Inflation to Hit 1.37 Million Percent, IMF Says”