James Woods’ Latest Trump Tweet Should Be REQUIRED READING In Every School

Written by Wes Walker on October 24, 2018

No wonder Twitter put Woods in Time Out for so long… he’s dangerous to their leftist messaging.

There are all kinds of crazy theories about President Trump and his motives as some Machivalian super-villain.

They just don’t hold water.

James Woods reminds us why that is in a tweet.

It’s amazing how many in elected office start out with little or no money to speak of yet somehow manage to parlay a lifetime of ‘public service’ into a net worth deep into seven or eight figures — perhaps even higher than that!

Nobody in Washington seems terribly surprised or upset by that dynamic.

But let a man who’s found a way to succeed ‘bigly’ in Real Estate and Television enter political life, his motives are relentlessly savaged.

(Things would have been much different, of course, had there been a (D) after Trump’s name. After all, he once chummed around with these same Democrat politicians, and wrote checks to their campaigns.)

But now he’s in office, appointing judges in office that respect the Constitution, cutting red tape, lowering taxes and upholding the rule of law. His success with ISIS, North Korea, and charging ahead with trade agreements has been remarkable, not to mention the robust condition of the economy.

He has been limiting the scope of his OWN political influence to what is explicitly outlined in Article Two, unlike certain of his predecessors, and yet is accused of being somehow ‘totalitarian’.

He’s faced unprecedented abuse from Politicians, the ‘Press’, and Hollywood, but he hasn’t wavered, cowered, or cracked under the pressure.

And that’s a rare thing in DC.

Rare and precious.

Whatever else one may say of the President’s personal failings, they cannot take this away from him.

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