MAJOR Conservatives Are Calling BS On Mail Bomber Being A Republican

Written by Wes Walker on October 27, 2018

People are openly wondering if backstory for this pipe bomber whacko is just a little too ‘pitch perfect’.

This isn’t the first time the Media has tried to characterize the political right as a group of fringe and dangerous whackjobs.

Back when the Tea Party was hitting its stride, for example, the Media(D) used every opportunity they could find to write them off as ‘domestic terrorists’ — these were the same Media(D) who were careful not to mention militant Islam as being responsible — in any way — for any acts of violence at home or abroad.

When Republican pundits expressed skepticism about these pipe bombs being sent by an actual Republican, the anti-Trump WaPo described them as “conspiracy theorists”.

Maybe we’ve learned to be skeptical from what we learned about who was really behind the scenes in past political “incidents”.

The anti-Trump rallies during the primaries were staged… by the DNC themselves. (As covered here.)

And, as mentioned in that article, they were really upset when their unnamed allies failed to deliver the warm bodies they were looking for, suggesting that they should either scrub the event, or fill it up with interns.

How ‘grassroots’ of them.

What about the paid agitators trying to ‘bird dog’ Trump supporters at events so they could get a viral clip of violence to use against Republicans generally?

Because that’s what undercover Project Veritas investigations provided proof of just before the 2016 election:

“We have to have people prepared to go wherever these events are, which means we have to do a central kind of agitator training.”

They call it ‘conflict engagement’. They’re ‘starting anarchy here’. And they’ve been caught on hidden camera.

We have people we’ve paid to do sh*t.

It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say. We need to win this.
We covered that story HERE

Remember Charlottesville? That was principally organized by one Jason Kessler, who even the Ultra-Left SPLC has acknowledged has a ‘mixed pedigree’ due to past support for Obama and the Occupy Movement. He also wrote that he “can’t think of any occupation he admires more than the professional provocateur…” (Read our full coverage here.)

See a pattern?

Notice how each of these instances fits neatly into the big, mean Republican brand the Left’s Militant Media(D) have been so desperate to sling?

Remember: the left divides people into ‘oppressed’ (victims) and ‘oppressors’ (victimizers). It’s easier than fighting over who has good or bad ideas. Bet you can’t guess which category they drop anyone that isn’t Left of Lenin into.

So maybe you’ll have to excuse those of us who aren’t racing to join the Militant Media’s use of the ‘MAGAbomber’ hashtag, especially a little more than a week ahead of Election Day.

Now that we’ve got some context for the skepticism on the Right, let’s see who and what Mark Bezo’s Activist outlet WaPo was so very upset with: (You can bypass their paywall by hitting a few times while the page loads.)

[Rush Limbaugh:]

Conspiracy theorizing: On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh suggested that a “Democratic operative” was more likely to have sent the devices than a Republican. “Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing,” Limbaugh said. “You’ve got people trying to harm CNN and Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton and [Florida Rep.] Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz and, you know, just, it might serve a purpose here.”

Friday: Limbaugh, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent to his radio station, appeared to continue this line on Friday. “Two weeks out, a bunch of bombs start showing up in places that the media can then say that they are being received by ‘Trump targets?’ ” he said on his show. “I’m sorry. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck ever, and certainly not yesterday, and the world of October Surprises coupled with all the other realities I just exposed, and I think it only makes sense to be suspicious and demanding of proof for whatever we’re gonna be told.”

Michael Savage:

Conspiracy theorizing: Savage had said of the bombs Wednesday that there was a “high probability that the whole thing had been set up as a false flag to gain sympathy for the Democrats,” and as a way to distract from the migrant situation in southern Mexico, according to the Guardian.

Friday: Savage, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent to the administrators of his website, continued to sow doubt about the line of information coming from the authorities about the bombs.

“Michael, your description yesterday of the guy they’d pin (maga hat, confed flag,etc) sounds right on the money???? Only thing you didn’t envision was a van slathered in pro-Trump images. Once again you were correct!,” he tweeted.

And a follow up: “MAN AND VAN LOOK LIKE CREATED BY HOLLYWOOD,” he wrote.
Source: WaPo

Who else did they cite? Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, John Cardillo, Geraldo Rivera, Candace Owens, Donald Trump Jr..

Why would anyone suggest such a thing?

For one thing, what binds Conservatives together — more or less — are the things that are supposed to unite the nation. Flag, Freedom, Due Process, The Right To Vote, etc.

When groups that even consider exercising the use of force, speak in such terms it’s almost AlWAYS from the position of preserving what we have.

On the other side, the Left’s political hearthrob, Barack Obama launched his Presidential campaign in the living room of a former member of the Weather Underground — and nobody on the left considered that ‘problematic’. His long-term attendance in Jeremiah Wright’s church was pooh-poohed. And the photo Obama took with Farrakhan and the Congressional Black Congress was actively suppressed until he had left office.

So, with his supposed support for Trump such an open-and-shut case, way would anyone doubt it?

Some have laid out their reasons more explicitly, and links will be given. But here are a couple of bullet points.

He was a whackjob long before Trump came along. (First bomb threat was in 2002).

The Brooklyn, New York, native, previously was arrested, in Florida in 2002, on a charge of threatening to throw a bomb. He received probation in that case, without having been convicted.
Source: CNBC

That same piece said his own lawyer had never once heard him wax political.

ClashDaily looked through his Twitter had all kinds of sketchy stuff, duplicate postings, and general nonsense, including posting about Chemtrails.

Shad Olsen wrote a piece where he claims to have located the accused’s Facebook profile before it was closed and discovered some clues which (if they turn out to be true) would point to him being a former Democrat activist with a pretty good hate against Dubya.

All that to say there’s still a lot more we DON’T know about this case than we DO know.

Even his ethnicity is in doubt. Is he white, as he was first reported? Or Seminole (In a lot of social media posts he claimed to be Seminole– who tend to be aggressively Anti-Trump, incidentally). The Seminoles now deny any connection to him, and other reports are calling him Phillipino.

Could he be a Republican trying to ‘get’ his perceived political enemies? Could he be a Democrat plant trying to help the ‘Resistance’ in an important election?

Is he just a tinfoil-hat nutbar?

Was it even him?

If those Kavanaugh hearings taught us anything at all, we know one thing: that’s what the courts are here to decide… isn’t it?

Meanwhile, we’re getting close to election day. What color of a ‘wave’ do you think we’ll see in November?

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