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Cowards: Here’s Who Made The UK Turn Their Back On Persecuted Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi

Her death sentence in Pakistan overturned, the mobs demanded both she and the judges that freed her must die.

Now a free woman after being wrongfully imprisoned for eight years in solitary confinement with a death sentence for charges of ‘Blasphemy’ hanging over her head, this Christian woman needs somewhere safe to call home.

She had hoped the UK would be one such safe harbor. It was not.

Worse, the denial of her claim came straight from the top. Blame Theresa May. She played the coward… personally.

How ‘British’ of her, in the modern sense, anyway.

Fortunately, Churchill did not live to see the sad condition Britain eventually descended into. They were basically bullied into enforcing another country’s unjust laws.

More specifically ISLAM’s unjust laws. We all know how Churchill tried to warn us about Islams’s inability to work and play well with others, right?

That warning obviously went unheeded, as did his warnings about the rise of Hitler’s regime, until it was too late.

Both Mr Javid and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt backed the bid – but Mrs May followed official advice which was that allowing her sanctuary in Britain would endanger British diplomats in Islamabad.

Ex Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has already spoken out in favour of Britain granting asylum saying ministers should not be put off by concerns it would lead to unrest or attacks on UK embassies.

Ms Bibi is a Roman Catholic from Punjab in Pakistan who was given a death sentence in 2010 after she was accusing of insulting the Prophet Mohammed – which she denies.
Source: The Sun

Contrast her unblushing cowardice with the British Statesman’s famous quote:

Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
Source: WinstonChurchill

She’s unworthy to walk the same halls as that man, let alone hold the same position.

Did you even know they have a special envoy on Freedom and Belief? Perhaps the Britons who get arrested for ‘hate speech’ while sharing the gospel in the UK might be notified of such an officer.

But Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Prime Minister’s special envoy on freedom of religion and belief, said the Government would simply continue to press for her safety in Pakistan, a country in which she is in danger of being murdered by a lynch mob, instead of granting her asylum in the UK.

“It is entirely appropriate that maybe less is more,” he said in the House of Lords during the launch of a report on global religious persecution by Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic charity helping persecuted Christians.

“But in saying that, it does not mean that we are not doing anything,” he said. “We are doing a great deal.”
Source: Catholic Herald

Whatever you’ve gotta tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

(Later in the article we learn that he’s ethnically Pakistani and he’s Muslim, for whatever that’s worth. That explains a lot. Somehow he didn’t do much ‘intervening’ on her behalf.)

At least one guy in government — himself also a Pakistani — had the courage of his convictions to do the right thing. He resigned his cabinet post over May’s cowardly decision.

“She is free to leave but she needs a country to come forward, to morally and ethically do the right thing.

“I say this as clearly as I can – for the United Kingdom to say which other country would Asia Bibi like to go to is completely and utterly unacceptable, irrespective of what any other country may offer.

“We have a moral obligation,” he said. “Why have we, in God’s name, not done the right thing to say – irrespective of what anyone else offers – we, the UK, will do the right thing in line with our great British values?”

He added: “It was right for me to step down last week, when you try to get the Government to do the right thing and it would not do the right thing.”
Source: Catholic Herald

The once-great empire of the UK has become as useless as an empty scrotal sack… for very similar reasons.

Hey England: we’ve heard you moralistic lecturing long enough and frankly we’re sick of it.

Hey Theresa: step up or step down.

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