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Obama’s Latest Critique Of Trump Takes PATHETIC To New Levels

This is the ‘sage’ insight we might expect of someone who went on CNN and used a crass sexual slur in place of ‘Tea Party’.

There was a time that Former Presidents had the decency to understand that they were only President for their term in office, and should shut up and get out of the way.

Not Barack. He’ll find a way to be the political center of attention LONG after his “sell by” date.

After all, he’s still got a lot at stake politically, and a lot of stones from his time in office he’d rather nobody turned over and looked under.

Besides, Trump came along and undid his legacy. The Iran Deal he worked so hard for is up in smoke. The Paris accord non-treaty treaty that he didn’t bother to ask Congress about is gone. Obamacare. The list goes on and on.

So what is Barack ‘I, Me, My’ Obama going to do about it? He’ll slander his successor by playing armchair psychologist. Why not, he slandered most of the rest of America at one point or another.

Obama told the audience at a talk at the Obama Foundation summit, held at the Mariott Marquis hotel in Chicago, on Monday that the world ‘badly needs remaking.’

And he insisted fixing issues around climate change, education, agriculture and so on are not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.

Without mentioning Trump by name, Obama said ‘the reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.’

Trump has previously credited his mother Mary MacLeod Trump, who died in 2000, for ‘so much of what I’ve done and so much of what I’ve become.’
Source: DailyMail

Maybe Obama, who’s father last saw him when he was ten, shouldn’t be so quick to bring psychoanalysis into the conversation. It may not end well for him.

Calling out the president by name, Obama said Trump was a ‘symptom, not the cause’ of broader ailments in the nation’s politics.

And in another dig at Trump on Monday, Obama suggested the US was a better place before he was sworn into office.

In a conversation with author Dave Eggers, Obama also repeated his belief that if you could choose a time and place to be born, you would choose the US.

But he amended that thought and said: ‘You’d choose now – or maybe two years ago.’


Obama actually has the arrogance to believe America stands or falls on whether he personally is President?

The thing Trump has done so well, with taxes and regulation to ‘Make America Great Again’ is something anybody could have done if they had the guts and the will.

Regulations got slashed… so that the American Entrepreneur wasn’t hamstrung.

And Taxation was slashed, so that they weren’t bled dry.

Guess what? That led to serious financial benefits and job growth for all Americans. Men and women, black, white, latino and otherwise.

Records are being set.

But all Obama can see in Trump is the death of his legacy.

Which to HIM would mean that America is now a dark and dreary place… nowhere near as good as it was when he was in charge and the economy was still barely growing.

Of course it would.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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