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REPORT: Rapes Have SPIKED Since The ‘Migrant Crisis’

When Trump referenced this problem more than a year ago, the political Left on two continents collectively wet the bed. But numbers are stubborn things.

Public officials went out of their way to explain why Trump was full of S**t. But he wasn’t.

When Trump mentioned Sweden’s growing crime problem, the stats back it up. Their own public officials were the ones caught in the lie.

BUSTED: Swedish Minister FORCED To Apologize For LYING About Sweden’s Rape Plague

Their public officials got caught lying about the rape danger to their own citizens? Oops. That’s awkward. Whose side are they on, anyway?

Unfortunately, the problem’s only getting worse.

For one thing, the official story about rape trends has been shown to be empirically false. The numbers we’re seeing today are not due to a change in how assaults were counted in 2012.

And even if it were, that certainly wouldn’t be able to account for the 10% jump in assaults in the last year.

According to Criminal statistics agency Brå, the number of adult women reporting that they had been sexually assaulted rose from 4.7 per cent of the population in 2016, to 6.4 per cent in 2017.

“Between 2006 and 2012, the level was relatively stable, but since 2013, the proportion that claims to be exposed to sexual offences has shown a clear increase,” stated the agency.

This debunks claims made by some leftists that Sweden’s rape and sexual assault rate is so high due to a definition change in 2012, since reported rapes and sexual assaults continued to rise after this date.

Brå also previously found that the number of reported cases of rape had rise by 10 per cent from 2016 to 2017.
Source: Paul Joseph Watson

It gets worse.

Where are those who have been convicted of rape coming from? Are they native-borne Swedes? Nope. Not at all.

Convicted rapists — 58% are non-European.
Convicted assault rapists — 85% are non-European.

Where are they coming from? The same places that those ‘Welcome Refugeees’ are coming from… a large percentage are from Africa and the Middle East.

Will they be able to solve this problem? Or is it already too late for them?

Judging by the difference in birth statistics between generational Swedes and the newcomers, it won’t be long at all before Swedes become a minority in their own homeland… some even predict it will flip within a generation.

What does that mean for the Swedish nation and its people? For one thing… you can expect a whole lot of cultural changes.

Mark Steyn’s predictions in America Alone are coming to pass even sooner than we ever could have guessed, thanks to the EU’s disastrous immigration policy.

For those wanting to see a Stable Europe, this trend cannot possibly end well. It’s too bad for them that their leaders lacked the good sense to preserve their own national identities, isn’t it?

We’re watching the slow fall of European nations under the press of a culture with no interest in Western notions of personal and civil rights. Will the light finally go on for all of those who scoff at the idea of America First?

All of them? Probably not. But many will. And that will be enough to keep Liberals up at night.

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