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Trump: The Left Is Trying To Steal Election In Florida – ‘BIG CORRUPTION SCANDAL’

Questions arise with the election results in Florida. Again.

Two heavily Democrat counties have had some ‘issues’ with their ballot counting. Broward County and Palm Beach County are still counting ballots. Someone should tell them that the election was over days ago.

The sudden reporting of ‘issues’ has erased the narrow lead of Republican Rick Scott over Democrat Bill Nelson, and the same goes for the race for Governor between Ron DeSantis (R) and Andrew Gillum (D). Both Republican wins are now in question and it all comes down to these two counties. The Senate race is the most contentious. So much so that Rick Scott has launched a pair of lawsuits against the counties.

Florida Governor and Senate elect Rick Scott, unleashed lawsuits against Broward County and Palm Beach County while accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election.

Both the senate seat Scott thought was his on Tuesday night, and the Governor’s spot that looked all but won by Republican Ron DeSantis are both now within the margin of error for a recount.

Scott believed he won over the Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson, however, during a press conference Thursday night, after his Senate campaign sued Broward County and Palm Beach County elections officials to turn over records regarding how ballots are being counted, Scott said: ‘The people of Florida deserve fairness and transparency, and the supervisors are failing to give it to us.’

The lawsuit was filed about the same time Scott ordered state law enforcement officials to investigate the Broward and Palm Beach voting operation.

The lawsuits were filed against Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher, the Supervisors of Elections for Broward County and Palm Beach County respectively. The suits say that the Supervisors were ‘unwilling to disclose records revealing how many electors voted, how many ballots have been canvassed, and how many ballots remain to be canvassed‘.

The complaints say the counties handling of the ballots ‘raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process’.

‘Late Tuesday night, our win was projected to be around 57,000 votes,’ Scott told reporters during his press conference Thursday.

‘By Wednesday morning, that lead dropped to 38,000. By Wednesday evening, it was around 30,000. This morning, it was around 21,000. Now, it is 15,000.’

He continued: ‘On election night, Broward County said there were 634,000 votes cast. At 1am today, there were 695,700 ballots cast on election day. At 2.30pm today, the number was up to 707,223 ballots cast on Election Day. And we just learned, that the number has increased to 712,840 ballots cast on election day. In Palm Beach County, there are 15,000 new votes found since election night.

Source: Daily Mail

Yeah, that’s not fishy at all.

Florida — what the heck is wrong with your elections oversight?!?!

The Broward County Supervisor of Elections has been found guilty of illegally destroying ballots in 2017, and her office has faced multiple lawsuits.

The election supervisor in Florida’s second-most populous county broke the law by destroying ballots cast in last year’s congressional primary involving Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, according to election-law experts across the political spectrum. The congresswoman’s opponent has sued to get access to the ballots…

…Snipes’ office, meanwhile, is involved in two other lawsuits and has been plagued by errors and controversies over public records and paperwork…

…Meanwhile, Snipes is defending herself in another lawsuit over the way the office removes ineligible voters from the rolls…

…Problems in Broward’s elections office preceded Snipes, who was appointed to the post in 2003 by then-Gov. Jeb Bush after her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, was removed from office after she botched an election in 2002…

…“They are the Keystone Kops of elections,” said ACRU’s lead attorney, J. Christian Adams. “It’s complete incompetence.”

Source: Politico

Bruh, you ain’t kidding!

President Trump weighed-in on Twitter.

And he’s not the only one. Senator Marco Rubio (FL-R) has been tweeting tirelessly.

This is getting ridiculous.

If we start talking about ‘hanging chads‘ again — I don’t know if I can handle it.

Maybe it’s just time to simplify the ballots in Florida. There is obviously a problem there. It’s either the ballots or the people, and I’m hopeful that Floridians are smart enough to cast a ballot properly despite all the ridiculous ‘Florida Man…’ headlines.

Then again, it might end up like this:

Yeah. Welcome to Florida.

We get it — Florida is a divided state.

Sometimes the right choice is clear, but apparently not in Florida.

Provisional ballots, which are given if someone doesn’t provide the correct identification, or their eligibility to vote is in question, will be counted if there is a hand recount in Florida.

A reporter from the Miami-Herald tweeted out that over 100 provisional ballots were tossed out in Miami-Dade County because people tried to vote twice in the same election.

But voter fraud never happens claims the left.

Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, weighed in on the shenanigans in Florida and Arizona.

And when I say ‘shenanigans’, I mean ‘shenanigans’.

Senator Rubio has this pegged correctly.

They just can’t handle it when Democrats lose.

Get your sh!t together, Florida. Fix your elections.

It’s for your own good. You’re undermining the integrity of elections, and it won’t be long before we’ve all had it with you.

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