Noted Philosopher States, A ‘Historic Rebellion’ Is Going Down Via The YELLOW VEST Movement In Europe

Written by K. Walker on December 17, 2018

The intersection of two huge issues is uniting the political left and right in France. Here’s the 411…

At the New World Order conference in Budapest, French philosopher, Alain de Benoist, spoke about the breakdown of the European Union as well as the Yellow Vest protests that have been underway in France for the past few weeks. Hungarian news agency Magyar Hirlap reports that Benoist said, ‘Hungary is a good example for the European nation-states how to regain their sovereignty.‘ He continued that this could be devastating to the E.U.-loving globalists, ‘Many people say in France that there are two sides in the next European election: one is Orbán and Salvini, the other is Macron and MerkelThe former is in the ascendant and the other falls.

Calling the protests historic, Benoist notes that they began at the grassroots level and are supported by the vast majority of the French people.

‘This is a historic event because it is different from any other protest we have seen in recent years. It was launched from the bottom, completely independent of the parties and trade unions, and it can not be categorized either clearly right or left. There is very high support, seventy-eighty percent, only in recent days has dropped a bit when Macron promised to raise the minimum wage, but I think it’s too little, too late.’

The protests are being billed by most of the Media(D) as a backlash against a punitive carbon tax, but there is significantly more to it than that. Benoist notes that there are two driving factors of the protests in France that transcend the normal left vs. right political divisions and unite the people against the elites. The first is the socio-economic uncertainty because of the soaring cost of living, the second is the cultural insecurity due to mass immigration. He says that these things together are a recipe for rebellion.

Immigration has become an increasingly unbearable problem in recent years and people know that more people are coming. In addition, social tension is growing as rich people are richer and the poor are poorer.

Benoist also notes that the words ‘democracy’ and ‘liberalism’ — which had been used synonymously for decades — are now showing that they are not identical as many ‘liberal’ countries have lost much of their sovereignty.

In recent years, countries have lost a lot of independence, and their borders have also become more difficult to defend. Previously, the boundaries indicated the boundaries of political power and collective identity. But today, globalization has changed that. There is a strong political mandate, will, and clear ideas in order for states to regain part of their sovereignty in this situation. Unfortunately, however, many politicians have forgotten what government really means, they just want to manage their countries. For me, however, it is particularly exciting, and I also talked about the fact that Viktor Orbán used the word “illiberalism”: democracy and liberalism are not the same as they have been used almost synonymously since the Second World War.

Source: Magyar Hirlap

To sum up — people have lost their faith in the leftist political elites and their faithful lapdogs the Media(D).

Vive la Révolution!

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