WATCH: Teen Jumps From Tall Building With HOMEMADE Parachute – That Was A BAD Idea

Written by Wes Walker on December 17, 2018

Mom watched and filmed the fateful jump. Nobody tried to talk him out of it.

It’s a decision she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life.

Bogdan Firsov climbed fourteen stories to the top of a 140-foot building. He raises his arms in a V for the crowd and cameras far below him. And he leapt into the air.

Bogan was fifteen years old.

His parachute was homemade.

And nobody told him this was a bad idea.

Now it’s too late to tell him anything at all — he’s gone. Can you imagine cheering the decision that would eventually end his life, let alone his own mother?

Watch his fateful leap:

Teenage boys have a tendency to be fearless. It’s a good thing. But it needs to be tempered with wisdom.

Wisdom like — don’t go Base Jumping with a homemade parachute you dummy. You’re gonna get yourself killed. That ‘hard’ truth could have saved his life.

The fact that they filmed it says more about the failure of the adults in his life than it does about the dead boy’s courage.

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