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TV Guide Goes After Hollywood A-Lister, Chris Pratt, For HUNTING And Loving God

The Left is tolerant and accepting, especially of their own. (Unless, like Chris Pratt, you refuse to march lockstep to their drum.)

There are precious few names in Hollywood that have the broad appeal of Chris Pratt. Not only is he an A-list actor headlining multiple blockbuster hit movies, but he’s funny, intelligent and charming too. I’m reliably informed that he’s ‘a looker’, as well.

Why wouldn’t Hollywood love him?

Well, for one thing, he has the ‘wrong’ opinion about Jesus. Remember the time he gave an acceptance speech riffing of the 12 rules for life a funny but memorable list of life lessons including why faith in Christ is important to him and others.

Oh. Hollywood wouldn’t like that.

They wouldn’t like how he avoids films with sex scenes, either. How are they going to exploit his status as a sexy leading man if they can’t put his abs or his ass on film getting steamy with some random harlot? He has the audacity to save that for his wife.

And do you really think they’d like what he’s taught his kid about the flag?

TV Guide (which, this writer was shocked to learn, still exists!) lays out exactly why they believe some of the ‘shine comes off’ the actor when you find out about who he really is offscreen.

For instance, animals: In 2011, Pratt apparently tried to give his family’s aging cat away via Twitter, though he later gave an explanation (future children) and said the cat eventually found a good home. (Five years later, there was also a bizarre tabloid story about Pratt and then-wife Anna Faris’ attempt to rehome the family’s dog.)

Adding fuel to this particular fire is the fact that Pratt, an avid hunter who has often spoken about his love of hunting, currently raises lambs on his farm. The enthusiastic tone he took when speaking about “eating fresh farm-to-table lamb” in an Instagram video earlier this year — “They are the happiest lambs on the planet, they are so sweet and then one day they wake up dead and they’re in my freezer” — sparked backlash from a number of fans, and not just those who are vegetarians or vegans. The next day, Pratt posted a photo of several pieces of fresh lamb meat and even compared said lamb’s death to something as easy or trivial as “unplugging a TV.”
Source: TVGuide

Oh, no. He eats meat, and is honest about where it comes from!

When another actor said something ‘objectionable’ about Black Widow’s ‘moral character’ (she’s a fictional super-spy in the Marvel Comic universe), Chris reacted with his trademark humor:

“I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming #JurassicWorld press tour,” he wrote. “I hope you understand it was never my intention to offend anyone and I am truly sorry.” The post lacks cleverness, but it’s kind of funny in hindsight: although Pratt didn’t step in it during that particular press tour, he’s since had to apologize several other times.
Source: TVGuide

That joke was included as one of the myriad complaints against him.

Then, after waxing eloquent about straight white male privilege, they judge him personally:

So how do you navigate liking Chris Pratt as an actor and (usually) finding him charming on Instagram when you also know he’s kind of problematic offscreen? Well, honestly, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Although he’s frustrating and doesn’t appear to have a filter or even think before he speaks, his candidness is also a large part of his charm. His uninhibited, spontaneous nature is what makes his Instagram such an addictive follow, and it’s also what gave us one of the greatest Parks and Rec lines, which Pratt notoriously improvised.

Taking issue with some of Pratt’s real-life remarks doesn’t mean that you can’t still find him funny as Andy Dwyer or Star-Lord. Those two things can absolutely exist in the same space. It’s actually one of the fundamental rules of understanding celebrity. And once you know that, you’re not only wiser, but you simply continue to apply that knowledge moving forward. And the way to do that here is by acknowledging that for all of Chris Pratt’s positive qualities, there are probably at least a few better Chrises out there. Four, in fact.
Source: TVGuide

How perfect: plastic Hollywood people writing for a publication this writer hadn’t heard mentioned since the 1990s, think the fake personae Pratt plays on TV are just dreamy, but a real person who has faith, patriotism and passion; a man who’s prioritized his marriage and his kid over plastic people in a fake-y world is just beyond the pale.

When confronted with one of the few in Hollywood who’s real, they can’t stand the sight of him.

That’s not a condemnation of Pratt — it’s a condemnation of his critics.

If they’re wondering why Hollywood is losing market share to other entertainment forms, maybe these fake-tastic people could look in the mirror some time, and see if they’ve got any shreds of humanity left.

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