This Chick Called For Trump To Be Killed On Facebook – Look Who Paid Her A Visit

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2019

Turns out there are some things you really CAN’T say about people without attracting the wrong kind of attention… including a sitting President.

If she was thirsty for attention… she certainly got some.

A woman from San Antonio got a visit from a police officer and plainclothes Secret Service.

We’ve got the footage that goes with it.

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Wow. What a winner!

Yeah, she posted “Can someone shoot the fool between the eyes…” about President Trump on social media.

And she was surprised that someone paid her a visit; that someone took issue with it?

If only people took as much interest in their responsibilities as they did in their rights.

She figures someone was ‘going through’ her social media, to “catch” her or something.

Maybe she’s never heard about social media getting ‘flagged’ for content.

If someone wrote those exact same words about, say, Hillary or Obama, she’d be the one flagging it as ‘hateful’. But because ‘Orange Man Bad’… it’s a question of ‘free speech’.

It’s a pretty good bet that when this chick gets her legal counsel, she’s going to find out there really are some limitations to free speech. Limitations specifically relating to inciting violence.

We wonder how smug this chick is going to be when this process plays itself out?

Even whatshername — that dumb redhead that doesn’t do the NYE show for CNN anymore — figured out that the Secret Service takes its job pretty seriously.

Shooting between the eyes is something that people have actually TRIED with past presidents. And there have been a couple of credible threats against Trump’s life already.

We wanted a Law And Order President to replace the mess Obama left us. And we got one.

We The People wanted a ‘new sheriff’ in town to change the direction the nation was taking and put the DC swamp rats in their place. So we elected one.

He’s made some solid progress already. Massively cutting Red Tape, and cutting taxes was a good start. Breaking the back of ISIS and bringing our trade partners to the table, was good too.

But there’s still plenty of work to be done in setting things straight in Washington.

And Trump is exactly the right guy for the job.


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