WATCH: Bro Tries To Mow Down Teens With 4X4 – Sends One Flying!

Written by Wes Walker on January 16, 2019

The victims in this story did something so strange that it makes you wonder what REALLY led up to this.

If a rampaging driver in a 4×4 randomly took aim at you and some bodies — leaving the road to go out of the way to hit you — and then left the scene, what’s the very first thing you would do?

Ok, the first thing you’d do is make sure whoever got hit was ok, and that he wasn’t coming back to drive over you again. But after that, what would any reasonable person do?

Call the police and press charges, right? Last we checked, Hit and Run is a pretty serious crime. Especially in a scenrio as blatant as this one, that’s complete with video evidence.

So why might they NOT be pressing charges?

We’re not given any clues beyond the video itself, and the barest of descriptions in a news story.

Here’s what we know: This event happened in Portland.

The incident is caught on video at around 5 pm. Two of the three teens are dressed entirely in black, while the third is wearing a black top with jeans. That last detail might mean nothing at all — just what they happened to be wearing at the time — or there might be more to it.

After all, we’re talking about people wearing black outfits … in PORTLAND.

We’ve seen that particular ‘fashion trend’ in Portland before, haven’t we?
Look What Antifa Thugs Just Went After Cops With In Portland – Yes, They’re Terrorists!

And we’ve also seen how local ‘protesters’ have been known treat motorists in that city:
Antifa Takes Over Streets, Attack Cars And Drivers, And The Mayor Let Them! Is that a relevant data point?

It makes one wonder.

A driver risks a helluva lot by leaving the freaking road to go out of his way to hit someone. Most regular people wouldn’t take that kind of risk under ordinary circumstances.

Was this somehow gang-related? That’s possible. Especially with Portland declaring itself a Sanctuary City. Remember, this story also happened in Portland. 20-Time Deportee Moves to Sanctuary City – What He Did To 65yr Old Woman Is Demonic

That just makes you want to book a U-Haul and move there tomorrow, doesn’t it? Yikes.

But let’s get back to our road-rager mystery.

What other explanations could fit the known facts?

Could some Antifa punks have ROYALLY pissed off the wrong person?

Maybe a criminal driver settling some kind of a score, or a pissed off citizen reacting to a possible criminal act by the fleeing teens (either of which could explain the lack of criminal charges).

Otherwise, it looks like we’ve got somebody who simply ‘snapped’.

What else could fit this extreme scenario? A jilted lover, maybe?

You might have another theory. If it’s a good one, let us know.

Whatever is going on here, when you jump a curb to run down some pedestrians, one thing is for sure: it isn’t your ‘ordinary’ case of road rage.

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