How To Avoid A Cultural Catastrophe: A Conversation with Trevor Loudon

Written by Allan Erickson on March 7, 2019

The only way to avoid looming, unprecedented catastrophe . . .

His central message: Western civilization depends upon traditional American Judeo-Christian values and institutions, and, America is one election away from utter ruin at the hands of communists, socialists, and Islamic supremacists. It is time for all hands on deck.

Trevor Loudon is a very well-spoken individual with an encyclopedic knowledge of the radical left, Marxists, and terrorist organizations, a man who has devoted the last 30 years of his life to educating people in the West about lethal dangers. This bestselling author of two books, and a filmmaker with several documentaries to his credit, he is also a public speaker who has made more than 400 in-person presentations to conservative groups across the United States in recent years. Loudon has been interviewed on radio and television innumerable times. His expertise and calm, comprehensive presentations are uniquely effective in a media world filled with noise and rancor.

To illustrate the nature of the problem, noting mass media is almost entirely leftist, Loudon says his research reveals there are 20 socialists/communists in the U.S. Senate, and 100 socialists/communists in the House of Representatives, and we are seeing growing numbers of Jihad apologists in government speaking out against the U.S. and Israel.

I interviewed Mr. Loudon recently to learn more, especially with regard to his new documentary project: “Enemies Within the Church.”

Before taking up that topic we discussed the state of the nation and the pervasive infiltration accomplished during the last many decades by radicalized progressives. Socialism is the topic of the day and part of that discussion involves a renewed push by Democrats for free healthcare for all.

“It’s not about providing good healthcare,” says Loudon. “It’s not benevolent. It’s about controlling every aspect of your life. It’s about the government establishing a dictatorship. The Democrats have become so radicalized. They don’t make sense at all. I come from a country (New Zealand) where we have socialized medicine, and it sucks. I can’t imagine any rational person allowing the government to control healthcare. It’s insane.”

Loudon says Democrats are so brazen they publicly call for institutionalized socialism across the board, an economic system that will utterly destroy liberty, and bankrupt the country. To accomplish this they are making sure they will never lose another election. Loudon explains how they will achieve this, if we let them. Democrats work to increase illegal immigration (we already have 22 million illegals), grant voting rights to illegals, lower the voting age, and destroy the Electoral College.

“We barely avoided a complete takeover in 2016. If Democrats can pick up 15 million voters, Republicans will never win the White House ever again. And then the Democrats will transform America into Venezuela.”

How did we get to critical mass at this point in history?

“The average American wakes up thinking about family, work, community, church, entertainment . . . but Leftists wake up thinking about how to get more power. The Left is a scientifically organized machine focused on putting a dictatorship in place. Freedom is one election away from being destroyed, unless Americans wake up and take a stand.”

Do we see resurgent patriotism and attending activism? Loudon says that is part of the good news: traditional Americans are aware of the dangers like never before, and they are fighting back, in the public square, and at the ballot box.

What are the spiritual dimensions involved?

“Andrew Breitbart had a great saying. He would say politics is downstream from culture. But I think you have to take that a step further and say that culture is downstream from religion. Religion shapes the culture which shapes the politics. So if you were an enemy of America and you wanted to destroy this Republic, as people have been trying for 200 years now, you would want to get inside the churches. We are seeing, especially in the last 10 years, a massive infiltration of the evangelical churches, and that is coming from the Gospel Coalition and the mega churches and even the Southern Baptists. These people are pushing socialism (and cultural Marxism) disguised as evangelical Christianity: fighting global warming, critical race theory, the gay agenda, and social justice.”

How is the messaging sold to make it appear theologically sound?

“Well, you go to Rick Warren’s church for example and they preach 95% Gospel, but then they go on about illegal immigration amnesty, or globalism or Chrislam. They add this other stuff around the edges.”

“I saw a video of a conference for young evangelicals recently. The guest speaker was a young black woman, a pastor of a church in St. Louis, and she told these young kids that the thing God wanted them to do, more than anything else, was to end white privilege, that was their mission. This woman is also a member of the Organization for Black Struggle, which is a front for the Freedom Road socialist organization, a pro-Chinese communist group, the parent of Black Lives Matter. So these young people are being taught as if God is teaching Marxism.”

And there is always a guilt/shaming mechanism run right along with the messaging: if you don’t sign up to fight white privilege then you don’t care about people of color, and you are a racist, which makes you an awful person.

Other examples: “If you don’t welcome hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees into the country, you’re not fulfilling God’s word. If you don’t accept gays being married in your church then you’re intolerant. If you don’t agree with giving money to communist regimes in the third world then you’re a selfish non-Christian.”

It even gets more insane: it is unchristian to oppose abortion. So sayeth Chelsea Clinton echoing her mother. And if you disagree, you are the enemy.

So for decades the church has been infiltrated by nonChristians spreading false doctrines to undermine traditional faith, weaken the church and derail young people. The collective Left, now joined by Jihadists, has been very successful. Very few young Christians survive college with their faith intact. Evangelism is down, and discipleship has been redirected to worldly endeavors.

“The primary message is to spread socialism, not to save people’s souls. They use the good name of the church to promote evil doctrines. They are evil because they always result in the destruction of the church, the destruction of the culture, and the destruction of the country. And if this country is destroyed, so is the whole of the West.”

So what is the answer? What solutions are we talking about in view of your new documentary?

“If we want to restore this country and get back to an even footing, there has to be a spiritual revival here. People have to understand what is true, and what is error. We have to take a stand and do what it takes. The American revolutionaries broke from the British crown and set up this system based on the idea that rights come from God directly to the People, and as per Mosaic Law, you are to elect representatives to protect and guard those rights! Res publica: the thing of The People. The American system was a complete departure from everything that had gone on before. That is why America became rich and prosperous, because it was a free nation whose rights came from God and were guaranteed by the Constitution.

“If you are a Christian you are commanded to love God, and love others as thy self. If you are living in a country that is going to hell in a handbasket and you do NOTHING to help, is that a Christian act? How can you enjoy prosperity and freedom and rights guaranteed by God and the Constitution yet you don’t believe you have any responsibility to protect the country that gives you all these blessings? You owe it to your children, you owe it to God and everything you believe in to protect and preserve everything we’ve been given. How can you say it is not my business who governs this country, or how they govern it?”

What do we say to people who claim there’s nothing one person can do?

“William Wilberforce (a Christian politician in Great Britain, early 19th century) was one man, but he abolished slavery!

“Look we are all on the same team. Consider Nazi Germany. Early on, the German churches could have stopped Hitler, but they chose not to. They chose instead to put pictures of Hitler and Swastikas in their churches and shut their mouths, and that led to WWII, and the death of six million Jews, 20 million killed, hundreds of thousands of young American boys killed. Do you think that pleased God, that the German churches did nothing?

“In America today we are in the same situation. We are on the verge of tyranny and a world disaster that will make Hitler look like a Pollyanna, the worst destruction we’ve ever seen, and the only thing that can stop it is American Christians.”


The documentary “Enemies Within the Church” is in production and will be released soon. Only half the money needed has been raised. To contribute to the production, click the link, above.

Trevor Loudon’s website can be found here.

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