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Piers Morgan BLASTS Beto: ‘Beto O’Rourke Is A Deluded LOSER Running On A Ticket Of LIES’

And ‘loser’ was just his opening salvo.

When Piers Morgan is on point, he is nothing short of brutal.

And in his breakdown of the announcement of the very white Robert O’Rourke who culturally appropriated the nickname ‘Beto’ to seem more multicultural, Piers was absolutely savage.

Here are some of the highlights.

He lost, and however close it may have been, that makes him a loser. And yet, he’s here announcing his run for the presidency.

And he did so in rather unconventional fashion – by announcing the end of the world is fast upon us.

As US presidential campaign messages go, it at least had the benefit of being uniquely depressing.

O’Rourke didn’t quite scream ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!’ but he might as well have done.

In direct contrast to Donald Trump’s upbeat winning 2016 slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’, O’Rourke thinks he can win in 2020 by telling 320 million Americans they’re all doomed.

‘We face catastrophe and crisis on this planet,’ he declared, asserting that climate change will unleash ‘massive migration of tens or hundreds of millions of people from countries that are literally uninhabitable or under water.’

He’s not even promising to stop it.

‘Life is going to be a lot tougher for the generations that follow us,’ he said, ‘no matter what we do.’


Well that should galvanise everyone into a frenzy of optimism and excitement!
Source: DailyMail

He was just getting started. For reference, here’s the anouncement video if you missed it.

There’s also the small matter of Mr O’Rourke’s staggering hypocrisy on the very issue of climate change.

For his Texas election campaign, he signed up to a No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge that declared he wouldn’t line his pockets with big cash donations from the oil, gas and coal barons.

Then it later emerged he’d accepted $476,325 in such donations.

Indeed, O’Rourke took so much that his name was humiliatingly removed from the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

So he not only broke a major campaign promise, but he also exposed himself as someone who preaches about saving the planet but greases his political palms with money from stuff that destroys the planet.
Source: DailyMail

But wait… there’s more…

Two weeks ago he said the entire existing southern border security fencing – all 700 miles of it – should be removed because the dangers from refugees, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants were being massively exaggerated.

Yet today, as he announced his intention to run for President, O’Rourke gravely warned of millions of people fleeing to countries like America from places ravaged by climate change.

You don’t have to be a Trump ‘Wall’ fan to realise there is a slight contradiction here: if America’s border is about to face such apocalyptic pressure, why on earth would you propose removing all security along it?
Source: DailyMail

There’s also a large whiff of ‘fraud’ about this new ‘Man of the People’.

He calls himself Beto, to appeal to the Hispanic community, but his actual name is Robert.

He sells himself as just a regular guy, yet he’s actually stinking rich – thanks mainly to his wife who is the daughter of a real estate tycoon worth $500 million.

And while he professes to be an ‘outsider’, on the very day O’Rourke announced his candidacy, the new issue of Vanity Fair, the world’s most elite celebrity magazine, came out with a glowing cover story on him boasting the supremely immodest headline about his decision to run: ‘Man, I’m just born to be in it…’

He certainly puts the vanity into Vanity Fair!

Of course, having flair, charisma and good looks are not bad things for a presidential candidate.

But they have to be backed up by substance, and that is where O’Rourke looks most dubious.

He talks a good game but rarely specifies how he would actually walk it, prompting justified criticism that he’s big on rhetoric, small on substance.
Source: DailyMail

If a columnist from the UK can rip him to shreds like this, is he really ready to face the ruthless knives of some bloodthirsty rivals who have convinced themselves they’ve got what it takes to be the Next Democrat President?

How long before we hear the announcer call out…

‘It’s all over!’

In the meantime, maybe it’s time to start writing his name with a zero in it: ‘Bet-0’. Or if that’s too subtle for the fonts, maybe ‘Bet-zero’.

If he’s going to BE pretentious, let’s have it remind people just HOW pretentious he really is.

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