Holy Mormon Mitt Romney BLASTS ‘Appalling’ Trump – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on April 20, 2019

If he’d been this ‘gloves-off’ with the Democrats, maybe Obama wouldn’t have eaten his lunch in 2012.

With friends like Romney, who needs enemies?

The Mueller Report has come out. In coming out, it did two things:

1) Revealed the findings of the Trump/Russia investigation

2) Revealed the true faces of those around Trump

Senator Romney’s face, when the mask drops, is unpleasant indeed.

Not that it should surprise us really, we’ve already had glimpses of it, haven’t we?

We saw his butt-hurt response when Trump was running.

It was followed by his supplicant’s cap-in-hand request for a job in Trump’s administration. The photos of him having supper with the President. The rapprochement while he ran for Senate, followed by the anti-Trump oped, he published on his first day in office and opposition to Trump’s use of the Emergency Powers to secure the Southern Border, even though Constitutional experts like Mark Levin had explained why that particular use was well within the law.

He makes Ma Bush almost look like a MAGA fangirl by comparison.

During the Primaries, after calling Trump a phony and a fraud, and unfit for nomination, he said:

So even though Donald Trump has offered very few specific economic plans, what little he has said is enough to know that he would be bad for American workers and for American families. Source: FreeBeacon

That prediction aged like milk.

Well, now that the Mueller Report is out, old Mitt is back at it.

Is he at all happy that no American has collaborated with Russia to rig an election?

Nah fam.

Oh, he’s noticed there’s a Ukraine now. Welcome to the party, Mitt. Glad you could finally make it.

Please, oh wise one, since you made sure to denounce Trump specifically, please point us to your remarks on Ukraine agents having interfered in our election to boost Hillary, specifically. You know, the one over which there is currently a criminal investigation in Ukraine?

The one that raises some uncomfortable questions about influence peddling for the Obama Administration, especially for Kerry and Biden? No, really. Take as long as you need to find those loud-mouthed condemnations. We’ll wait.

Not there are they? Of course not. You are just another butthurt loser that thought you were a shoe-in for the Big Prize and failed.

And then, when Trump came along and made it look easy, you couldn’t stand it. You had convinced yourself that you were a better man than he, and deserved the job that he got.

That’s called ‘Envy’. It’s mentioned in the Ten Commandments as a ‘bad thing’. It’s looking more and more like Romney is not interested in principles so much as he is interested in settling scores.

In fact, something very much like this whole scenario was once spelled out in Jesus’ own words. You know, the lesson about the Pharisee and the tax collector praying? It only takes a small change of wording to fit completely.

(Said loudly enough for bystanders to hear it, of course.)

I thank you, Lord, that I’m no sinner like this guy, Trump.

Romney might want to read that story to the end. It doesn’t go as well for that guy as he might hope.

We’re looking at government resources being weaponized to spy against a political candidate, and the best you can come up with is Orange Man Bad?

Good job being a useless twit, there Mitt, and proving how small of a man you really are.