WATCH: Mad Maxine Reminds Us All Why Putting A Gavel In Her Hand Was A Bad Idea

Written by Wes Walker on April 12, 2019

What did we really expect from the woman whose name showed up for a fifth time on the ‘most corrupt’ report on Members of Congress?

Pelosi thought it was a good idea to give Mrs. ‘Reclaiming my time’ herself a gavel as Ranking Member of the Financial Services Committee.

How well does she handle these responsibilities?

Exactly how you might expect someone who uses a eulogy to take swipes at Trump would conduct herself: As a self-important, condescending, power-hungry, spiteful harpy.

Maybe you think we’re being overly partisan, and overstating the case. We give you ‘exhibit A’:

Here is Waters taking a power trip on the Secretary of the Treasury, when he had made it clear he was scheduled to a meeting with a foreign dignitary:

Twitter, on the Left seems to be lapping this up, for some reason. Like she’s shown him who’s boss or something, for showing a general disrespect to a public servant.

Would they cheer quite so loudly about another power play she tried to take, earlier in the week where she somehow managed to demonstrate peak arrogance AND peak ignorance… at the same time?


She’s obviously looking to demonize banks. Even for something they’ve not even had their hands in since 2010.

Mad Maxine has by no means cornered the market on stupid, adversarial, and authoritarian.

We’ve got AOC bullying banks to refuse loan agreements to private American companies — and she plans to leverage similar tactics for her anti-gun agenda.

We’ve got Nadler’s crew accusing young black conservative Candace Owens of being a supporter of white supremacism.

And we’ve got Pelosi and Schumer — who fought tooth-and-nail against the declassification Nunes provided — now insisting that AG Barr give an entirely unredacted copy of the Mueller report. This is a report which includes both classified contents and grand jury testimony law forbids them access to, but they insist they have a ‘right’ to it anyway.

The Democrats’ mask is slipping. It is becoming increasingly clear that they want one thing: naked political power, at any price.

And the American electorate has entrusted this clown car full of jokers with the powers of oversight and subpoena?

Now that we know who they really are, we have a chance in 2020 to set things right. At this rate, things are looking good that the voter will put these clowns back where they belong.

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