Hey Jim Acosta: Care To Talk About The REAL Violence American Journalists Are Facing?

Written by Wes Walker on May 9, 2019

Meh, probably not, since it’s coming from the ‘good guys’ on the Left Chris Cuomo and Joe Biden have been praising.

President Trump has taken endless heat from Jim Acosta and all the flunkies on the left about how Trump ‘defended’ racists in Charlottetown (Spolier alert: he didn’t).

But the WAY these people have been framing the argument is literally by calling violent agitators showing up with masks and weapons ‘good people’.

While working so hard to paint Trump as a Tyrant (he isn’t) that is supposedly a threat to reporters. (Wrong again, that was his predecessor.)

Once again, the Leftists are proving themselves to be everything they accuse the other side of being.

Creepy Joe Biden Joins The Race With A Video Pushing the Charlottesville Lie


Let’s take a closer look at how their ‘antifascist’ fellow-travelers have been treating journalists whose only role is to report and film what’s happening at these protests.

A search of Jim Acosta’s twitter timeline said literally nothing about the unprovoked attack against journalist Andy Ngo @MrAndyNgo.

You can judge for yourself how serious an omission of Captain Courageous’s ‘defense’ of the First Amendment that silence really was.

Not only was he attacked in the initial incident here, but if you keep scrolling you’ll see some Antifa friendlies targeted him again, after the fact.

Setting: Portland, Oregon

Event: Independent journalist assaulted at Antifa’s MayDay riots

Result: Portland Police claimed riots were ‘peaceful’ protests.

On May 7, it looks like the police are finally doing something about it:

Also on May 7th, THIS happened.

By cutting groups like Antifa some slack, the talking heads on the Left are embracing their inner Bolsheviks.

Those of us who know just how toxic such ‘activism’ is don’t think armed thugs in masks should get to hide behind claims that they’re ‘protesters’ fighting for the ‘greater good’.


These are the ‘BAD people on both sides’ that TRUMP is willing to condemn unequivocally, while people like Biden, Cuomo and Acosta turn a blind eye.

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