CNN’s Chris Cuomo Backpedals After Dunking On A Survivor Of RAPE Featured In An NRA Ad

Written by K. Walker on May 30, 2019

If Chris’s tweets are any indication, Andrew must’ve been in possession of the shared Cuomo brain yesterday.

The Second Dumbest Man on Television™ (obviously the #1 spot goes to race-baiter Don Lemon,) has decided to dump on a rape survivor for advocating self-defense.

No, really.

A new NRA ad featured Kimberly Corban who was raped in 2006 when she was a student at the University of Northern Colorado. Her story is horrific. She recounts the terrifying ordeal in her Ted Talk about how her story was hijacked by politicians and lobby groups on both sides of the aisle:

Dang! That is one helluva strong woman! I think I just might have a new hero.

This was the woman that Chris Cuomo decided to dunk on.

The NRA ad was released yesterday and just minutes later, Cuomo retweets the ad with the enigmatic comment, “Only in America.”

Like most of the anti-gun advocates, Cuomo was unarmed to defend himself. Of course, defending himself in this sense requires a modicum of intellectual ability, which, as we have previously discussed, is not something that Cuomo seems to be in possession of — at least on alternate days.

It didn’t take long for Cuomo to be properly scolded for his ludicrously bad tweet.

Of course, it wasn’t clear what exactly the tweet even meant.

PSA for the day: “Don’t tweet without a brain, y’all.”

Some pointed out that yes, “Only in America” are women permitted to protect themselves with a firearm.

Chris wasn’t making the point that we think he was trying to make.

And this spectacular Twitter comment, which is just… *chef’s kiss* PER-FEC-TION.

Arguably, the best answer was from Janice Dean of Fox News:

Our girl, Kim, didn’t let it slide, either.

The epic ratio (more comments than Likes or Retweets)…

…and especially the Tweet from Janice Dean forced Cuomo to attempt to defend himself, and whoa, Nelly, was it bad!

Oh, so he’s all about the Second Amendment suddenly? Yeah, I’m not buying it…

So, it’s cool for him to have a gun but not Kim Corban?! This just mucks up his original tweet even more!

Really, Chris?

“Apologize if you were misled”? So, everyone else got his nonsense Tweet wrong because we assumed he was dunking on a rape survivor advocating for gun rights in a sneeringly condescending way. (Which he was.) How are we supposed to interpret the Tweet when we know that he’s all-in on his anti-NRA stance? Should Cuomo be surprised when we assume that he’d bash the NRA ad featuring a rape survivor with impunity? This is the same fool that has defended Antifa as being a harmless anti-fascist group. He also sat there slack-jawed as Christine Quinn made the most ridiculous claim about pregnancy ever. The guy is a total partisan hack posing as a “journalist.”

Cuomo went on to address some of the other criticisms.

Man, that is some furious backpedaling, right there!

Note, however, that Cuomo answers the blue checkmarks… but not Kim Corban.

Let’s be real, we all know that this is just “I HATE THE NRA!”

Let’s end with some perspective, shall we?

Yes! Cuomo dug himself in deeper and revealed just how incredibly stupid he actually is, and worse, how he thinks that he’s actually the smart one in the room.

No, Chris, you’re this guy:

But, maybe, just maybe he can learn.

Here’s Lesson 1 in How To Not Be A Complete Pussified Jackass:

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