Levin: President Trump Is The ‘Most Abused President In American History’

Written by Wes Walker on May 23, 2019

And let’s face it, Mark Levin has forgotten more about US history than many of us have ever learned.

It’s a bold claim, but one he’s ready to back up. After all, Mark Levin was way ahead of the curve in figuring out and telling the world that Trump had been spied on.

The #PartisanPress nearly ate him alive over that one, but two years later, look who’s been vindicated in the end.

And now he’s making another bold claim in his interview with Shannon Bream. And he’s calling out who he thinks is responsible for the REAL abuses of power.

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“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin unloaded on Democrats Wednesday night and called President Trump the “most abused president in American history.”

“This president is the most abused president in American history. I could care less if they think he has abused power, you know who is abusing power? The courts that you just mentioned. Do you know who is abusing power? These chairmen who issue these outrageous subpoenas against his family for his bank accounts and all the rest. Then they pretend we’re in a constitutional crisis when the president dares to say no and take them to court to get in front of one of these Obama judges, then you see what they do,” Levin said on “Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.”

…”Just because they issue subpoenas doesn’t mean they got to take down a president and his family. This is going to be challenged and fought and if Nancy Pelosi wants to try to impeach the president of United States, half of this country will be furious at all those phony Democrats who were elected in these Republican marginal districts, I hope they enjoy their one term. There’s going to be push back. People will make sure there is push back. I’m going to make sure there is push back,” Levin said.
Source: FoxNews

And he’s got a few choice things to say about the press, too.

But this time around, we have a Republican in office who knows how to beat the Press like a rented mule.

And they have no idea what to do about it.

Standing up to the bullies was the one response the Left’s political machine was completely unprepared for… and Trump knew it. It’s why we elected him in the first place.

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