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Pro-Life: Alabama’s New Anti-Abortion Legislation Goes ‘All-In’ — Here’s The 411

Yes, this law will seem provocative to the Abortion Zealots. That was kinda the point.

If New York and Vermont can push abortion laws in one direction, Deep Red States can push theirs the other way. That was kind of the point of the American Experiment all along.

Whether or not Kavanaugh does turn out to be the strong Constitutionalist we were hoping for, his appointment has already triggered one massive cultural shift.

The threat of the balance in SCOTUS shifting to the right for the first time in generations made Dark Blue states skittish. In a panic over possible challenges to Roe v. Wade, they suddenly ‘rediscovered’ State’s Rights.

New York and Vermont got aggressive with their abortion law, and Virginia tried to follow suit.

On the other side — perhaps emboldened by the recent judicial vindication of the Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts’ tapes — Red States have become bolder in creating laws to protect the unborn.

If you missed the judicial vindication, we covered it here: Hey CNN: Judges Rule Those Damning Abortion Videos Were NOT ‘Deceptively Edited’… Is That ‘News’?

The latest salvo in this culture war came in the form of Alabama’s new Pro Life legislation.

And these guys are swinging for the fences.

If Alabama’s Pro-life Governor signs it into law, this will be the most aggressively pro-life legislation passed since the Roe v. Wade decision.

If signed into law, it would be the most stringent abortion restriction in the country.

“Our bill says that baby in the womb is a person,” said Republican Rep. Terri Collins, the bill’s sponsor.
Source: CNBC

And that is the argument that has undergirded the Pro-Life position from Day One.

If the unborn baby is truly a person, he or she has just as much right to be protected from violence as anybody else.

…even if that violence comes dressed in the guise of ‘medical care’.

What policies flow from that central premise?

Anyone performing an abortion could be punished by 10 to 99 years in prison, but no criminal charges would be filed against a person undergoing the procedure.

The legislation was tabled last week when a shouting match erupted on the Senate floor after an exception for cases of rape and incest was removed from the bill.

The bill’s proponents say they hope the legislation, along with abortion restrictions in other states, will set up a Supreme Court battle that will see the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that was the first to legalize abortion.

State Rep. Terri Collins (R), who sponsored the bill, told The Washington Post she empathized with survivors of rape and incest but that the exceptions were specifically left out so that the law would be strong enough to force a federal court battle.

Sixteen states have passed or are currently considering abortion bans once a fetal heartbeat is detected about six weeks into pregnancy. Four states have approved so-called heartbeat abortion laws.

However, Alabama’s is without a doubt the most restrictive abortion law in the country.
Source: The Hill

In internet terms…

In Hollywood terms…

Pick a fight, eh?

The Right seems to have recently rediscovered its testicular fortitude… what could possibly have sparked their recent rowdiness?

It couldn’t be the badass example of someone leading with a ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’ attitude to political opposition could it?

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