WATCH: Beto Grovels Like A Weasel Before The Coven On The View

Written by Wes Walker on May 15, 2019

The ‘golden boy’ of 2018 suddenly finds himself eating crow and desperately walking back his early declarations of greatness.

The fawning crowd sure is a fickle thing, isn’t it, Robert Francis?

Remember that grandiose campaign launch on the cover of Vanity Fair? (Don’t worry, neither did we until it came up in the story.) Since then, this ‘dude’ has fallen WAY off the radar and he’s scrambling to recapture the ‘woke’ vote.

He starts the virtue signaling right off the bat by switching into Spanish… while addressing an English-speaking TV audience… and showing off how ‘woke’ he is in ‘talking to ALL Americans’.

Next comes the compulsory ass-kissing directed to the hosts, and a heavy dose of the usual self-promotion followed by the expected open-borders rhetoric.

Cue the apologies:

He was called out for the Vanity Fair cover that his campaign used as a launch. The reply went full ‘white privilege’ SJW.

If this blowhard were any more of a #FakeFeminist he’d be gunning for Justin Trudeau’s job of running Canada into the ground.

What could possibly make him think being such a nancy-boy gives him any shot at being POTUS 46?

You could randomly pick any three of the Women running for the Democratic nomination and they would have bigger huevos than this sad-sack hairy-back-Mary.

This guy’s mannerisms are somehow less masculine and than Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s — even AFTER ‘the surgery’.

The word that comes to mind to describe him is ‘servile’. No, not in any noble ‘public servant’ sense, just in the cloying, subservient, “won’t somebody please love me” sense.