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Hey Pelosi: Mexico Is Helping Trump Keep His Key Campaign Promise … WITHOUT Your Help!

This isn’t the method anyone would have expected to solve the problem, but sound leaders seek innovative solutions to tough problems — and (ironically) Mexico IS paying for it!

It must be killing them to say so, but even the New York Times is forced to admit he’s having some success! But let’s not get ahead of the story here.

Do you know what would solve that ‘children in cages’ problem that Pelosi, AOC and others keep wringing their hands about day after day? If corrupt people (or ‘bad hombres‘) stopped bringing little children across the border as leverage to ‘game’ our system.

Remove an incentive, and the behavior is sure to follow. It’s a basic rule of human behavior. And it’s a rule that the Left — if they actually WANTED to solve this crisis (are we finally calling it a crisis, Nancy?) — would understand all too well.

After all, they normally use that principle to FORCE people to accept social changes they really don’t want to accept. Things like a heavy financial penalty for failing to sign on to Obamacare.

The Democrats, however, think they’ve got a good thing going, and do NOT want to take the ‘carrot’ for illegal immigration away. We’ve already seen why, in their own words: it’s a naked power grab.

The Democrats actually used their power of the purse to REDUCE funding for beds for detained illegal immigrants.

So the next time you see them complain about children sleeping on concrete, make sure you let them know you haven’t forgotten that THIS was the DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of their Anti-American open-borders policy.

And now they’re cynical enough to shed crocodile tears over policy of their own creation. Do NOT let them get away with claiming the high ground on this issue.

Without any help from the Democrat-controlled House forthcoming, Trump used the tools in his toolbox to get Mexico’s attention. (The threat of Tariffs. He took a lot of heat for that at the time, but we correctly guessed what he was REALLY up to with his talk about tariffs.

Here: Make Mexico Pay: Tired of Unresolved Border Problem… Trump Slaps On New Tariffs

And here: WINNING: Trump’s Tariff Policy Is Already Paying Dividends In Mexico

(If you missed that story when it first came along.)

That brings up to today. Now that they’ve had some time to put some action behind their promise, what has been happening?

For one thing, Mexico is now protecting their NORTHERN border (ie: our Southern border).

It’s almost an unintentional compliment to Trump… from CNN no less.

The Times tells a story of a student who fled Nicaragua, trying to head North.

…made it to Frontera Comalapa, 25 miles into Mexico, before the new migration-control measures brought his trip to a grinding halt.

“I never thought it would be like this,” he said, sitting in a soup kitchen one afternoon last week and considering the possibility that this was as far north as he was going to get.

…But returning to Nicaragua, Jonathan said, was not an option for him. His goal was still to reach the United States, which promised a far better livelihood.
Source: NYT

It wasn’t SAFETY he was seeking… it was a BETTER LIVELIHOOD. Which destroy’s the Left’s primary argument for letting everyone in all along.

For now, however, he is weighing the possibility of applying for asylum in Mexico. Migrants’ advocates say many more Central Americans and others are opting to do this, as it is one of the few options left amid the crackdown.

Elsewhere along the border, entrepreneurs who make their living offering services to migrants have seen a drop in demand.

“Before there were even entire families crossing,” said Israel López Ordoñez, 52, a veteran raftsman on the Suchiate River in Ciudad Hidalgo. “Now, no.”

In the Guatemalan border town of La Mesilla, near Frontera Comalapa, Carmelo, 50, a money changer, said that several people he knows — including friends and family — have aborted plans to migrate north in the past two weeks.

“It’s not good,” he said of the new measures. “If a Guatemalan travels to the States, a lot of people here can live from that Guatemalan.”
Source: NYT

And if Mexico follows through on the adoption of a ‘safe third country’ asylum policy, that ‘wall’ that Mexico will pay for — just might be Mexico itself! #Winning!

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Wes Walker

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