Is Booty Judge Toast? The Left Just Tossed Buttigieg Under Their Psycho Bus

Written by K. Walker on June 24, 2019

Stick a fork in his campaign, it seems that the Media(D) have decided that “Mayor Pete” is done.

Well, duh. We could have told you that. The Media(D) — always late to the party.

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana started off pretty strong, with his intersectional street cred as a married gay man, but then… he jumped the shark. He started morally preening that his brand of Christianity was so much better than President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, with whom, until recently he had a cordial relationship with.

But, strangely, Buttigieg’s brand of Christianity is apparently totes kewl with women killing their babies in the third trimester. 

None of that made Mayor Pete unpalatable to the Left.

Nor was it his weird comment to Axios that “statistically” there has already been a gay president.

The Media(D) lapped that stuff up and speculated on the possible homosexuality of Presidents James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln. They even cited historians. How precious.

So, what was it that turned the Media(D) off of the guy that replaced Robert Francis O’Rourke as the Progressive heartthrob du jour?

Simple — race relations. Buttigieg didn’t throw the police under the bus after a black man, who was allegedly brandishing a large knife, was shot and killed by a white police officer in South Bend on Father’s Day. The officer’s body camera was off and the locals are outraged. Due to the camera being off, it is unclear what exactly happened, and the officer didn’t turn on the camera even after the man, Eric Logan, was shot.

The Indy Star reports, “On June 16, 54-year-old Eric Jack Logan, who is black, was fatally wounded by white South Bend Police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill during the investigation of a series of vehicle thefts.” The article summarizes what happened:

According to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office, the investigation began shortly before 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 16. Police were called to the 100 block of North William Street after dispatch received a report of a suspicious person going through cars.

O’Neill responded to the scene and confronted a man, later identified as Logan, who police said was partially in a vehicle in the Central High School Apartments parking lot.

Officials said Logan stepped out of the vehicle with a knife in his hand and approached O’Neill with the weapon raised. O’Neill stepped back and ordered Logan to drop the weapon, police say.

Police said when Logan did not comply, O’Neill fired his service weapon and struck Logan.

Source: Indy Star

On Friday, Mayor Pete said that there wasn’t evidence of racist behavior in front of about 150 Black Lives Matter protesters, and well, it didn’t go over so well… The 2020 hopeful was struggling to maintain control of the small group.

“I’m mad because my brother died,” a protester, who claimed to be the brother of the man who was shot, is heard shouting at Buttigieg on the video. “People are getting tired of you letting your officers do whatever they want to do.”

“I have been here all my life, and you have not done a damn thing about me or my son or none of these people out here,” a woman claiming to be the deceased’s mother added. “It’s time for you to do something.”

That’s when it got really awkward.

Source: Daily Wire


The townhall event that Mayor Pete held instead of campaigning was just horrendous and raises questions about his ability to handle an angry crowd.

Watch the NBC News report:

Buttigieg, as a Progressive, is in a real pickle. The identity politics crowd wants him to quickly condemn the officer as racist, but it’s unclear if that is the case. Also, Eric Logan, the man that was shot, was wielding a large knife. Presumably, the officer thought that he was at risk. However, without the body camera footage, we’re all led to speculate on what exactly happened.

The Media(D) are now wondering if Mayor Pete can handle the Big League. Chuck Todd and the NBC panel on Meet the Press just raked him over the coals on Sunday. Check it out.

The Media(D) is now saying that Mayor Pete will no longer be judged by the way he presents himself but on his actual record. According to them, his record is “problematic” because the police force has become “whiter” under his leadership. How very regressive, eh?

The Indy Star also reports that Mayor Pete’s relationship with the black community in South Bend has been a rocky one.

Buttigieg has faced criticism for his handling of other shootings involving police officers and for a lack of diversity in the police department. In a city where roughly 40% of residents are black or Hispanic, the department is almost 90% white.

His relationship with African Americans in South Bend has often been rocky. He faced criticism his first year in office after demoting the city’s popular, first African American police chief, Darryl Boykins, over his handling of an illegal police phone-tapping incident that drew the attention of federal authorities. Boykins, who has denied wrongdoing, eventually sued and settled with the city out of court, with neither side admitting fault.

Buttigieg also started a program to demolish 1,000 vacant homes in 1,000 days. Community advocates in poorer, often African-American or Hispanic neighborhoods soon began to complain that the city was being too aggressive in issuing fines to property owners, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, and demolishing buildings over code enforcement issues.

Source: Indy Star

The Media(D) talking heads are more fickle than a gaggle of Junior High girls. They’ve scratched off the names of Buttigieg, Beto, and Biden from their binders and they’re looking for a new crush. Seems to me the “B” names aren’t so hot these days. Look out, Spartacus “Jazz Hands” Booker,  you just might be the next one to get dumped!

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