Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner Just PROVED Archie Bunker Gave Him The PERFECT Nickname

Written by K. Walker on July 31, 2019

“Tolerant” leftist, Rob Reiner, just made a bold, sweeping statement about Trump supporters. Take a wild guess what it is…

If you said, “Reiner says that they’re all racist” then, congratulations!

I know, I know, that wasn’t a hard one, was it?

The famed director who has been brainwashed by Hollywood’s myopic leftism has made his Stunning and Brave™ pronouncement amid accolades by his peers and the rabid #Resist crowd. You know, all the folks that want people’s politics to be defined by their skin color and their sexual identity. Just like the Ringo Starr of The “Squad” Forgettable Moesha Rep. Ayanna Pressley(D-MA) said at NetRoots.

Diversity is all fine and dandy for visuals but you can’t have any diversity of thought.

Reiner, oblivious to the irony, is walking lockstep with this blatantly racist view and condemning all Trump supporters as racist.

He tweeted, “The President of the United States is a racist. He’s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism. If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.”

But he didn’t stop there. Oh, no!

He continued saying, “Donald Trump’s mind is infested. With racism, with misogyny, with lies, with bigotry, with hate.”

Yikes. Projection much?

Somebody seems to be filled with hate — hate for the President, that is.

Reiner has been making his über-leftist view clear for years.

And he’s somehow not embarrassed by it. It’s mindblowing.

Check out these other hot takes:

His new favorite thing, though, is calling President Trump and Republicans racist.

Trump is so overtly racist, isn’t he, Meathead?

He’s soooo racist that he’s been disavowing white nationalists since at least 2001.

I’m sure that Reiner would just claim that that’s exactly what a real white nationalist would do. Here is an artist’s rendition of him rage-typing his latest HuffPo screed.

Reiner claims that President Trump and Attorney General Barr “control the narrative” regarding the Mueller report.

Where the hell has he been? I only recall wall-to-wall negative coverage in the Media(D). Remember the whole “Russian Collusion” thing? Yeah, that was what that was about.

By the way, this one sounds totally sane:

Genius here doesn’t understand that the busing issue isn’t about “getting kids to school” but is about making kids travel long distances by bus to integrate schools. It was wildly unpopular and largely ineffective.

Reiner’s entire Twitter feed is one unhinged anti-Trump rant after another. It’s kind of sad, really. You’d think there’d be more in his life than just politics. The next few years are gonna be rough for Rob.


It’s a good thing for Reiner that stupidity isn’t a crime because he’d be in big trouble if it were.

He’s still a Meathead.

Calling Republicans racist is nothing new. This is page 1 of the Democrat playbook.

Every Republican (especially if they run for President) is called racist and any non-white conservative supporter is a “token” of whatever identity group that they belong to.

They did it to Romeny.

They did it to McCain.

They did it to Dubya.

They did it to George H.W. Bush.

They did it to Ronald Reagan.

They will do it to whoever runs with an “R” behind their name in 2024.

This is overt, disgusting and vile racism that the left needs to be called out on.

We’ve all seen the dishonest games the left have played with the power they’re entrusted with, they’re obviously unworthy of that trust.

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