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EPIC: Ted Cruz Takes His Old Prof To School Over Ignorant Race-Baiting Abortion Tweet

The ‘Zodiac Killer’ takes down yet another victim with facts and logic.

The carnage started simply enough.

It was just another blue-check leftist tweeting ridiculous unsubstantiated trash about the political right. They do it expecting they can get away with it.

And normally, they can, too. Unless the critics have a blue check as well, chances are, they’re immune to most of the outrage. They won’t even see it.

But most certainly would have seen his old student Ted Cruz weigh in.

Here’s what Laurence Tribe said:

Isn’t it interesting how everyone on the Left suddenly knows everything there is to know about the inner workings of racist thinking?

But look at what he’s claiming. He claims abortion is opposed due to depressed birth rates of white babies. Fewer white babies means that other races (read ‘brown’ or ‘black’) will overtake and overwhelm the population NOT filled by white babies.

How sound is that logic? Not very.

In fact, it’s laughably simplistic… an argument unworthy of any college prof, let alone a professor at Harvard Law.

Comments tried to refute Cruz. He welcomed them and batted those down, too.

[If you enjoyed that, there’s more like it about the (footnoted history) of Margaret Sanger’s connection to Eugenics and White Supremacy in the book: Would Jesus Vote For Trump which is available on Amazon.]

And just to prove he wasn’t interested in flinging hyperbole — when Cruz realized he was off in the numbers, he corrected the record.

Yes, you read that correctly. In NYC, more black babies were aborted than born.

Which is why this scribbler answered this tweet just a little differently than Ted Cruz did.

Does it really make sense that ‘white supremacists’ would be bothered by the loss of a few white babies and a lot of brown babies if their real motive was numerical superiority?

Or could it be that snuffing the life out of white, brown, black or any other babies is a horrific waste of human life no matter what the ethnicity of that baby’s parents happens to be? You know, ‘made in the image of God’ and all that?


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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